How can crypto startups survive the bear market?

Michael Tabone, senior economist at Cointelegraph Research, dives into the current state of Web3 and crypto startups navigating the bear market. Joining him on the panel are venture capitalist Tim Draper, Abraaj Group managing director Smiyet Belrhiti and Relai CEO Julian Liniger.

0:00 Intro
0:13 What does the term “Web3” mean to you?
1:31 How can Web3 be broken down into different subsectors?
3:15 How have Bitcoin adoption dynamics changed since the market downturn?
5:08 Is VC interest in crypto going to resume anytime soon?
7:56 What are investors’ main concerns around cryptocurrency?
9:00 What role can a Bitcoin-only company play in Web3?
11:11 Will the recent collapse of crypto companies accelerate regulation?
14:45 How are institutions reacting to the current regulatory framework?
19:23 How are Tim Draper’s crypto companies navigating the crypto winter?
25:00 Outro

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