How To Create a NFT Minting Website for FREE!

In todays tutorial I’ll be showing you how to create a website for your NFT Collection in which you can mint on for FREE!

Our Example Website –

Art Generator Github –

Stripes NFT Contract Github –

Stripes NFT Minting Dapp –

Visual Studio Code –

Pinata –

Remix Ethereum Org –

Polygon Faucet –

Netlify –

Art Generating Video –

My Patreon –

Shoutout to these creators for helping make this tutorial possible!
Ali Solanki –
Hash Lips –

0:00 Intro
0:27 Patreon
0:54 Download Visual Studio Code
1:14 Upload NFT images to Pinata
2:30 Change Code
4:03 Upload JSON Files onto Pinata
4:27 Download Smart Contract
5:06 Use
6:40 Get FREE Matic
7:10 Deploy Contract
10:47 Check Opensea
11:36 Deploy Your Website
15:51 Host Website on Netlify
18:18 Outro

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Emini Systems – Which Emini Systems for 2008?

Not all emini trading systems do equally well in all seasons. When the market volatility is low, it makes sense to use counter-trend systems. When it is high, the trend following systems are likely to outperform the counter-trend systems. Knowing which ones to use in a given time can thus make quite a bit of difference. This article looks into this issue to find out which emini futures systems will do better in 2008.

Avoid Stress When Managing Exits to Futures Day Trading Positions

For a day trader, picking the best entry may be the hardest thing, but deciding where and when to exit is the most emotionally challenging and potentially time consuming part of the trade. Traders spend most of their time researching setups for trade entry, using fundamental analysis, chart patterns, signals from technical indicators, or some combination of these.

Day Trading – Plan to Gamble

When we say day trading, what is the first word that strikes your mind? Is it gamble or a planned gamble? For those who believe that day trading is a gamble, then you must be an inexperienced layman who has never been to the depths of the stock market.

Short Interest – Does It Really Matter And Why The Media Has It Wrong

Lately, the media has been talking up a storm about stocks with a high short interest proposing hedge funds are in trouble and need to cover. I find this a bit far from reality since most funds use capital and derivatives more efficiently than the average person thinks.

Finding a System to Day Trade the Future’s Market

When I first became interested in trading Futures I had no idea as to where to go to get information about trading. I didn’t know anyone that traded the Futures Market. In fact when I talked to anyone about Futures all I heard was “don’t trade Futures, it’s way too dangerous, you will lose everything you own”.

Swing Trading And Day Trading – Unknown And Overlooked Differences

I’ve been asked numerous times, what do Swing Traders do and how are they different than Day traders. First, I should start off by saying there isn’t one best way to trade, but it seems almost everyone has an opinion about which way they feel is best.

What is Day Trading?

Day trading is the buying and selling of stocks, currencies, and commodities with the aim of making profits from the difference between their buying and selling prices. This may sound like general trading but it differs in the time lapse between the buying and selling of stocks.

Day Trading Basics

What is day trading? This is like regular trading in the stock market, involves the buying and selling of stocks, options, currencies and futures in the financial market with the aim of making a profit from the difference between the buying and selling price.

Steady Income From Day Trading Futures

Is it possible to make a steady income from day trading? Of course it is, if you do it right!

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