How to Do Your Swyftx Crypto Tax FAST With Koinly

Trading with Swyftx and not sure how to do your crypto tax? Worried about the ATO? Relax, we’ve got you! Watch and learn with Koinly.

Using Swyftx and wondering how to do your Swyftx crypto taxes before the ATO’s Australian tax deadline? It’s really easy! Today I’ll show you have to quickly import your Swyftx transactions into Koinly – either by API import or by getting your Swyftx CSV file into Koinly. Koinly then calculates your cryptocurrency taxes and generates a fully ATO-compliant tax report that you file with yourself, or send to your crypto tax accountant. Let’s get your Australia crypto tax sorted!

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[00:40] Integration
[3:10] How To Download Tax Reports

Want more info? Check out our step-by-step guide on how to get your Swyftx crypto tax done with Koinly here:

The first and usually the only step is to download all your crypto trade history from Swyftx and import it to Koinly. There are a couple of ways you can do this:

– As Swyftx has an API, the fastest way to import everything is to just add your API keys (api key, api secret). After that Koinly will sync all your transactions and you are ready to generate your tax document.
– If you don’t have access to your API keys you can also import transactions by uploading CSV files.
– If you only have a few transactions and the above method(s) are not possible for you, you can also add the transactions manually via Koinly’s web interface.

If you decide to use CSV files, you need to make sure to import your deposits/withdrawals and trades for ALL years and not just the current one!

That’s it. Don’t forget to tag your airdrops/forks so they show up as Income on your generated crypto tax forms!

PS. We have a really neat guide on how to get your Swyftx transaction history and Swyftx CSV file here:

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Our tax team has done a lot of the groundwork to figure out the best way to report crypto taxes, but neither myself nor Koinly are financial advisers and everyone out there has there own financial situation, so when in doubt, definitely reach out to a tax or legal professional. (if things aren’t sitting right for you.)

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