How To Get Cryptocurrency AIRDOPS and OpenDAO ($SOS)

This is a discussion the most recent airdrop that happened in the whole Nft & Crypto scene just before Christmas OpenDAO (SOS) airdropped everyone a % of their coin based on the total they had spent on opensea.

In this video we have a look at What Airdrops are and also discuss the video we posted on our main channel about Crypto Airdrops

Main Video:

A few Airdrops have been worth in the $10,000+ range including ENS, as seen in the video this airdrop opened our eyes to the possibility of the biggest most succesful WEB 3 companies dropping a token to early adopters!

Please note this is purely educational, and to help you understand what is going on in the crypto space.

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Forex Day Trading – Analyzing The 2 Major Risks Of This Lucrative Business!

Like other kinds of investments, forex day trading is laden with risks. This, however, doesn’t mean that the foreign exchange market ceases to be a highly lucrative opportunity. When you understand the brilliant statement below, you will become a smart trader.

Day Trading Mistakes – Avoid These 7 Fatal Deadly Sins!

Forex trading is not really an easy and novice-friendly investment opportunity. You are bound to stumble along the way, and commit some day trading mistakes in the beginning. This is normal. It’s how things go. You learn from your mistakes.

Are Day Trading Futures Right For You?

With the increased volatility in the markets recently, there has been a rash of articles and ads hyping futures trading. This short articles discusses 5 key issues any potential futures trader should consider before beginning their journey down the the path of a futures trader. Before spending any money on the next get rich scheme, this article is a MUST READ.

Day Trading Basics – What Question Should You Ask Yourself Before Your Purchase A Forex Software?

Whether you’ve been reaping some benefits from this busy industry for many years or you are just starting day trading, you have surely considered, at one point, whether or not you should invest on a good forex software program. There are many benefits for your foreign exchange business, and the main advantages for you are centralization and automation. What does this mean?

Day Trading Signal – Is It Better To Use Trend Or To Counter-Trend?

Every market shows a certain dynamism that makes it quite difficult to predict. Take for example the foreign currency exchange. It deals with currencies, and their value greatly depend on the factors at play in the respective mother countries. Not all of these factors can be predicted with certainty, hence, traders rely on trending instead, and trending is hugely dependent on day trading signals.

Why You Should Get out of Your Mutual Fund

You might want to think back for a minute why you got into that Mutual Fund to begin with. Did your broker tell you it was a safe investment? Did your broker say it would beat the S&P 500 average? Did your broker show you some previous returns and say “look at how well this fund performed in the past?” Whatever the reason was then, ask yourself, is that reason still valid today? The fund you bought yesterday may be time to sell today.

How To Get 85-90% Winning Trades

This short article gives a discussion of trend trading vs. counter trend trading and gives the reader several examples of why one strategy is better than the other. It also examines why some trading systems have a 85 – 90% winning trades ratio and why they do. A must read for the avid day trader.

Online Forex Trading Software Reviews and Backgrounds

There are many sites that offer online forex trading software. However, it is always your choice to check out for the best one that suits your specific and unique needs. It is a good idea to browse through the multiple features that are being offered. Check for a platform that has a good credibility and promises easy interface with features that can bring you great benefits.

3 Simple Ways to Find a Good Stop Loss Strategy for Your Forex Trades

If you think that there is a blueprint that will automatically make you a successful forex trader, think again. If you don’t understand how to trade forex, then it is time to get educated. In this lesson, I will reveal why you should always have a good stop loss point in place and how to effectively use these stop loss points to prevent a possible retracement from hitting your number.

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