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Sariska Tour

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GDPR Practitioner Course: Establish Your Cyber Security

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal framework for all organisations, with a set of rules and regulations for the collection and processing of personal information of individuals within the European Union (EU), aimed at helping you maintain the customer trust and saving from heavy penalties up to 4% of annual global revenue or 20 million Euros, whichever is greater. The stability of an organisation mainly depends on the privacy of personal information of the clients. It is mandatory to take a GDPR Practitioner course for any organisation processing personal data under the new EU…

Six Best Ways to Decorate Your Home On a Budget

Here are six strategies you can use to save money on home decor! These ideas will also help you achieve a unique, personalized look that suits your style.

Important Things to Consider Before Starting a Website!

Are you thinking to start your own website? Are you looking for any technical guidance before starting your website? If these questions are already rolling in your mind then this article will be very fruitful for your approach and will give you a better insight about designing your own website.

Discreet Communications – How to Drive Safety and Improvement in Your Business

Discreet Staff Communications: How it Can Drive Safety and Improvements in Business Irrespective of what business sector you come from, it is almost guaranteed that specific parts of your business either already use, or would benefit from onsite and discreet communications between staff or customers. So let’s just consider a few areas where discreet communications are typical but not always so discreet in many businesses: * Security systems onsite * Customer handover between staff * Complaints handling * Emergency communications And it’s very likely that you can easily…


To begin with talks about STAFF SELECTION COMMISSION (SSC). SSC is an Individual body which comes under Government of India. SSC conducts the many exams according to Physical and Educational eligibility.

Beyond the Myths and Towards the Truth About Counseling

Over the past few years, though the thoughts with regards to visiting a counselor may have changed. There are still a lot of Myths that surround the term counseling. Here is an article that focuses towards the truths of counseling

O1 Visa More Worthwhile Alternative to H1b for Indian Immigrants

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -August 16, 2018 – Immigration is a hot topic in US news, with supply of H1B Visas going down. However, there are other means, particularly for high skilled areas where India shines, such as technology. This loophole is a little known visa called the O1 and created for innovator types, from engineering to entrepreneurship.

Modular Kitchen in South Delhi

Eternity brings you hi-quality membrane shutter doors, table tops, wooden wardrobes, high gloss foil, stylish pelmets and cabinet panels. Right at your doorstep. Pre-laminated ready-to-fit 3-D profiled membrane shutter doors and cabinets are becoming a rage in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms & living rooms furniture of modern homes across the world.

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