How to Make Passive Income as a Landlord (Using Virtua Metaverse)

Have you ever wanted to be a landlord, but couldnt afford to get into real estate? (that shit is expensive AF!!!)
I show you how to be a landlord in the metaverse during this interview.


0:00:00 Setup
0:00:11 Ash Mohammed
0:01:18 About Virtua
0:02:37 Name Change
0:03:16 The Inspiration
0:05:50 What Sets Apart
0:07:18 Building From The Why
0:09:04 Virtua Island
0:13:08 People Want To See
0:16:49 Whats Next?
0:20:33 Grind Stone
0:21:49 Monster Sale
0:25:26 Breakdown




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Why Invest in Scale Model Race Cars

Anyone who admires racing cars and is an enthusiast of car racing leagues should look at scale model race cars as their next investment. Investing in 1:24 diecast cars is the ideal option for anyone who loves racing, as they get to have a small replica of their favourite cars at home in an easily accessible place. Below are some of the other reasons why you may want to spend some money on 1:24 model cars for your collection.

Five Significant Benefits of Commercial Solar in Australia

Small and mid-sized business owners are always looking at ways to keep costs down. Increasing efficiency is a huge aspect of doing business, which is why commercial solar may be appealing to a lot of companies in Tasmania. Below is an outline of the five most significant benefits of commercial solar in Australia.

Greek War of Independence (1821-1829)

The Greek War of Independence (1821-1829) was a successful war by the Greeks who won independence for Greece from the Ottoman Empire. In Europe, the Greek revolt aroused widespread sympathy among the public and Western revolutionary ideas further intensified the Hellenism of Philhellenes. After a long and bloody struggle, independence was finally achieved and resulted in the establishment of an independent Kingdom of Greece.

Why Is My Low Back Pain Recovery Taking So Long

During my 35 years of chiropractic practice, I have found that pain and the treatment of pain is a significant health problem in America. It is estimated that 50% of Americans suffer from chronic pain. The majority of chronic pain emanates from spinal problems of the neck and back. This article will discuss chronic spinal pain, its causes, the most efficacious treatment and recovery time prognosis.

Mindset and Perception: Keys to Successful Habit Change and Better Health

Are you convinced of the power of your beliefs, mindset, perception, awareness and what you tell yourself? This may be a powerful piece of the puzzle you have been overlooking.

An Analysis Of The Writings of Jorge Luis Borges

This in essay which is an analysis of the Writings of Jorge Luis Borges. Borges is known to have developed the style of magic realism. His writings touch a fantastic element. He is fascinated by mirrors, the compass, books, space, time and infinity. This article seeks an honest appraisal of the work of Borges.

Doing Website Redirect With NGinx

Doing a website redirect with nGINX can be a sample as a oneline piece of code. No need to run expensive softeare, just use nginx!

What Are the Characteristics of Bold Leadership?

Leadership comes with the individual personality of the leader. Leaders come in all types, shapes, and forms but each leader is unique in how they approach and develop leadership.

5 Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day

Don’t ruin all the good work you have been doing all year with your weight, during the holidays! The holidays and fattening food go hand-in-hand. Thanksgiving and the leftovers can last a week or two Before you know it, it is Christmas followed by. New Year. Studies show that 75% of a person’s annual weight gain happens between Thanksgiving and the end of the year. How can you avoid gaining weight during the holidays?

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