HUGE Ethereum Potential (Layer 2 Altcoins Set To MOON)

Ethereum is rocking and rolling harder than John Bonham, Neil Pert and Tommy Lee combined. But it’s price action and gas fees are more out of sync than Ringo Starr. So is Ethereum playing it’s Chinese Democracy? A dud after such a long wait for EIP 1559 has brought some good news but…lackluster network performance. Or is Vitalik quietly writing the next Black Album for the diamond shaped crypto that’s been rocking our portfolio all year?

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All of our videos are strictly personal opinions. Please make sure to do your own research. Never take one person’s opinion for financial guidance. There are multiple strategies and not all strategies fit all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice.

Why Do New Traders Prefer to Learn to Trade E-Minis on the ES Contract?

New traders often ask me why I trade everything but the ES contract. After all, if you read popular trading literature they would have you believe that only the ES has the liquidity necessary to facilitate efficient fills and exits. Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Do You Think Practicing on Trading Simulators Is a Good Use of Time? Check Out the Mess I Made Today

I’ve written several articles in the past about my relative distaste for e-mini trading simulators. I had a trade running on a simulator account today and proved to myself why I continue to believe that they are good for familiarizing yourself with a trading platform but relatively worthless when learning to trade. Are you a simulator warrior?

Enjoy the Price Action Ricocheting Up-And-Down? Do Volatile Markets Make You Nervous?

If you answered no to any of the questions in the title I have to wonder about your sanity. While I don’t mind trading some volatility in a trend, a non-trending highly volatile market is the recipe for a trading disaster, yet many new traders wade into these markets with a sense of gusto and purpose.

Support/Resistance and Volume Are Like Ham and Cheese

I have yet to meet a novice trader who doesn’t claim support and resistance (SAR) as one of the skills they employ a in their trading endeavors. Of course, the silence is usually deafening when I asked, “When price reaches support or resistance what do you do?” In general, most people wait to see which direction the price is going to move and wait for confirmation of the move.

Can You Accurately Fade A Move Using the NYSE Tick Like the Old-Timers?

The NYSE tick indicator has been around for a good period of time but I don’t see it used much in futures trading. That’s fairly easy to understand though, because the NYSE tick is not a futures related indicator. The symbol for the indicator is $TICK. It is a fairly straightforward indicator in that it measures the number of issues trading on an uptick against the number of declining issues trading on a downtick on the New York Stock Exchange.

Simple Three Step Bollinger Band Strategy That Makes Money

You will discover a simple three step trading system that professionals currency traders use to make money. This system does not need any other indicators and it is simple to implement.

Penny Stocks: Big Bucks or Big Flimflam?

We will explore the pros and cons of Penny Stock trading versus Short term Binary Options trading. This article will provide a good basis for the experienced day trader and the newer potential trader to make an intelligent decision where best to invest his hard earned money for quick profits.

My Beef With Online E-Mini Futures Day Trading Rooms

Why online day trading rooms may not be what they appear to be. And why it may be better, not to mention less expensive, to ignore their trading education and learn on your own.

Trade Stocks From Home In Your Pajamas

Stock trading is globally a multibillion dollar industry, and you can participate from home in your pajamas if you follow these simple guidelines. Read this article to find out how you too can make money from home.

Fibonacci Numbers for Traders, Rabbits and Other Animals, Small and Large

How to derive Fibonacci numbers starting just from a single number, 1. Useful even if you are not a rabbit or a trader.

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