The USA is About to Cancel Cryptocurrency

Hurry! The USA is About to Cancel Cryptocurrency [I'M TAKING ACTION]


The USA is About to Cancel Cryptocurrency and the United States lawmakers are seeking to cancel crypto at least crypto innovation. Over 15,000 people have already contacted their senators in their respective states.

This infrastructure bill was initially intended to fund the construction of roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. By taxing crypto businesses, the government hopes to partially pay the expense of a huge infrastructure bill.

The entire sector will be affected, and taxing some crypto firms is not a terrible idea on the surface. The issue is with the way this law is written; the problem is that it specifies

They describe it as “essentially any business that touches crypto,” according to RobinHood. This term is so wide that it may apply to almost every economic player in the crypto sector in the United States.

If taken literally, the phrase “catch-all broker” may apply to US miners, entrepreneurs, and others who will be required to submit IRS client forms. A work that is sometimes difficult to do, and which would effectively kill crypto in America

To be clear, it would not kill bitcoin or ethereum protocols, but it would likely take a blow on the news, and if the crypto bill succeeds, innovation would be driven elsewhere. As it stands, America will be virtually shut out of the crypto game, with millions of Americans likely to be left even farther behind as the internet is poised to be taken offshore.

00:00 Intro
00:37 What does the US Infrastructure Bill have to do with Crypto?
02:17 What can I do?
03:09 Good news! There is an Amendment!!
03:57 This is where we stand now [VERY CRAZY]
07:39 Listen to me call my California Senator
09:19 The Result
10:03 Final Thoughts


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