Is FTT (FTX Token) A Good Buy?

Since my last video on FTX being purchased by Binance I’ve had a number of questions asking me whether FTT (the native token to the FTX platform) seems like a good buy.

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“It’s about a Christian who boarded the same taxi with me. He was very zealous and started distributing gospel tract inside the taxi. When he gave me the tract I rejected it. He started preaching, so I became disturbed and knocked him with the ring on my finger. That was to kill him. And the boy shouted: ‘The blood of Jesus!’ Immediately, lightening and fire and an angel appeared. A strong wind again removed me with great force out of the taxi and into the thick jungle. Had it not been that I was a man backed by evil powers, I could have got lost in that jungle. Sure, the Christian did not know the war that went on his behalf. All he knew including the other passengers was that I had disappeared from the taxi! The name of Jesus or the blood of Jesus in [from] the mouth of a believer sends out fire,

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