Is STEPN Going To $0? (Ponzi Analysis)

STEPN is a pioneer in the Move to Earn and Play to Earn space. But it faces a lot of criticisms that it is an unsustainable ponzi. So in this video let’s take a look at the play-to-earn niche and also zoom into StepN to see if it is a true ponzi or if it has a future / is worth an investment. After all, their GST and GMT tokens did rocket earlier this year but they have both corrected a ton since their all time highs.

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0:00 Intro
0:25 Play-to-Earn Gaming
1:01 Are They All Ponzis?
1:53 Real Life Examples
2:49 AAX shout out
3:41 StepN Explained
5:06 3 Ponzi Concerns
8:31 Can The Team Fix It?
10:03 My Verdict
11:02 Future Predictions

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How To Plan For a Stress Free Move

Courage to withstand the anxiety and physical strength and wisdom to select the best moving company that would handle your move with any hiccups or hassles. Wisdom would again come into contention because many frauds are being committed in the moving industry of which you need to be vary of and well informed before you handover all your valuable lifelong belongings collected over many years to be spirited away by unscrupulous individuals. Planning in detail is good for you and would bring a professional touch to what you intend doing, thjat is your move from one home to another.

Dare To Dominate Her

She is fearless and fragile in herself. Her power is not limited to four walls but is rather extended to the entire world. Women are always judged and labeled by society as per the set norms.

Stop New Fossil Fuel Projects!

This article is a brief summary of new fossil fuel project in the form of coal-fired power plant that my government has approved to implement. And why it should be stopped.

Creating Awareness On Research Chemicals Is A Legal Requirement

“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”

What Will You Look Like As a Bride?

When you imagine yourself on the big day, what do you see? Something dramatic? Attractive? Ethereal? Avoid indescribable words like “natural”, that’s a fact. Each bride wants to look natural. But beyond expressing your inclination for the natural, you’ll want to intelligently share style ideas with your make-up.

The Only Colors You Need to Consider For Your Handbag (and Black Isn’t One of Them)

Choosing a handbag perfect for your daily needs is already a chore. Add to that choosing the perfect color can quickly escalate things to schizophrenic territory.

4 Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

First of all, let us try to define what a Virtual Assistant is. For me the simplest definition of a Virtual assistant is someone who delivers administrative support to a certain client remotely. Although the most common task of a VA is any admin jobs, there are also several tasks a VA can do namely; SEO Specialist, Technical Support, Real Estate Manager and many more.

6 Steps To Follow When Taking Your Dog On Holiday

This article provides 6 suggested steps to adhere to when taking your dog on holiday. All are common sense really. Three steps refer to prior to leaving home. The other three are for when you are actually on holiday.

Foods to Avoid to Eat Vegan

Have you ever heard the expression Vegan? Many people are confused exactly where the phrase came from and even more people are confused about exactly what is available to eat if they wanted to attempt a vegan lifestyle. To learn the food groups that are permitted for a vegan it is extremely important to understand that there are still important food groups that should not be avoided; your best friends will quickly become fruits and vegetables.

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