Is This The Biggest Crypto Scam of 2022?!

Is This The Biggest Crypto Scam of 2022?! Hyperinflation isn’t relevant only to fiat and the US Dollar anymore, some cryptocurrencies are offering insane interest rates, and some of these projects are DUMPING ON CRYPTO INVESTORS and RAN BY FELONS?! Subscribe to VoskCoin –

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Crypto is making millionaires, and also turning millionaires into thousandaires because its so freaking crazy and treacherous sometimes. Wonderland and their TIME token is a hyper inflating cryptocurrency ran by anons, yeah no one knew who they were, except the info leaked that 0xsifu or simply sifu is a convicted felon for scamming with ponzi schemes and associated with quadrigacx which exit scammed crypto investors millions of dollars so uh yeah lets run through all of this crypto craziness and more on today’s breaking crypto news

Wonderland TIME Sifu reddit SCAM thread –

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 What is being unfolding in the crypto space in the last 24/48h
00:41 Dough
01:32 Sifu, one of the creators of Wonderland Time
02:35 OHM and its rebasing forks
03:35 Taking a look at Wonderland Time project
03:58 The History behind Sifu
04:30 Messari governor update
05:31 Taking a look at Abracadabra Money
06:08 Reddit post that made all this explode!
07:36 All Started with a tweet from zachxbt.eth
09:04 Taking a look at wonderland’s GitHub through a programer
10:37 Not everything is bad in this history
11:15 Conclusion, stay away from this type of project!
12:16 IQProtocol

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