Latest BITCOIN News, ETHEREUM News, Interlude Shell News

CRYPTO NEWS: Latest BITCOIN News, ETHEREUM News, Interlude Shell News
Why the price of bitcoin could fall back to $42,000
The price of bitcoin has adjusted gains and surpassed $45,000 against the U.S. dollar.

The bitcoin price fell hard to $42,000 before it began to recover. The price even climbed above the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level of the major decline from a swing high of $52,800 to a swing low of $42,000. The bulls even pushed the price above $46,000. However, they ran into sellers near the $47,450 level.
It looks like the 50% Fibonacci retracement level of the main decline from the swing high of $52,800 to the swing low of $42,000 acted as resistance. There is also a key bearish trend line forming on the hourly chart of the BTC / USD pair with resistance near $47,000.
Bitcoin price faces obstacles

Interlude Shell cryptocurrency presale begins Sept. 5
Interlude Shell will be up for sale on PancakeSwap on Friday, September 10.

Interlude is a new crypto-game project with a never-before-seen concept: searching for garbage in thousands of games from different developers.
Using technical developments, game developers can hide a key in their game in less than a minute. The protocol then automatically generates a scavenger hunt, where players must go and find the keys in a limited time. The best players can earn huge prizes in cryptocurrency. It can be any type of game, although at the moment they have mostly first-person games and shooters. And unlimited games can be added to the network – soon there will be thousands of them!
Everything is decentralized, developers connect to the network on their own.
Pre-sale of Interlude Shell cryptocurrency started on September 5 and was posted on PancakeSwap on Friday, September 10.
Interlude Shell Cryptocurrency

Ethereum stuck below $3,600, why bears may be aiming for another drop
Ethereum has climbed above $3,400 and $3,500 against the U.S. dollar.

Ethereum has fallen hard below $3,500 and $3,200. ETH even broke support at $3,000 and fell below the 100-hour simple moving average, similar to bitcoin.

Lido liquid stacking protocol now supports a token
Lido’s liquid betting protocol has expanded to Solana and supports its own SOL token.

Lido Finance, a liquid stacking protocol that currently supports Ethereum 2.0 and Terra blockchains, has expanded to Solana. The news means that Lido users can now put their own SOL Solana token through the protocol and receive stSOL in return.

Cardano returns $2.50. Can it retest ATH before Sunday.
Cardano is currently recovering from the carnage that led to a 35% drop in ADA prices from its ATH of $3.10.

$ ADA fell to a one-week low of $2.04 before beginning its road to recovery. The altcoin is currently trading at $2.51 and hopes to gain momentum before the final Alonzo update, scheduled for next Sunday.

Demand for cryptocurrency mining in Vietnam rises amid a jump in bitcoin prices
Cryptocurrency mining activity is on the rise in Vietnam.

According to local news agency VnExpress, cryptocurrency-related businessmen and enthusiasts in Vietnam have seen a significant increase in demand for cryptocurrency mining machines in the country.

North American bitcoin miners see record months as they amass 18,000 BTC
The largest publicly traded North American bitcoin mining companies have mined more than 10,000 BTC this year.

Several major U.S.-listed bitcoin mining companies with operations primarily in North America have collectively mined more than 10,500 BTC over the year to date, with nearly 40% of the mining coming in the last two months.
Public data shows that Riot, Marathon, Bitfarm, Hut8, and Argo mined a total of 1,796 BTC during August. This was slightly less than their collective production in July, but their individual products in the third quarter so far have either reached or already surpassed production records in the second quarter.
North Am

Visa integrates cryptocurrency services into Brazilian banks
Visa Inc, the world’s largest retail electronic payments network, has begun working to integrate cryptocurrency services into Brazil’s traditional banking systems.

Eduardo Abreu, Visa’s vice president of new business in Brazil, recently gave an interview to local media outlet Seu Dinheiro. The CEO said that Visa is working to integrate cryptocurrencies into its platform for both payments and value preservation.
Abreu spoke about the development and said that Visa is working with several fintech companies in Brazil to bring cryptocurrency payment cards to the local market. The executive said that the corporation is developing applications to link traditional banks with crypto products.
Visa integrates cryptocurrency services

Aluminium ETF: An Intelligent Investment

The last decade of economic turmoil has very actively shifted investor’s focus on to metal industry through equities, ETFs & other investment tools. The stark contrast between supply & demand figures, & a steady growth in consumer & Industrial demand for popular metals & especially Aluminum has established a common fact that Investing in Aluminum Industry is surely a safe bet for seasoned traders, long-term & retail investors alike.

Winter Wheat Drought

This week’s trade is in the wheat market. Friday’s sell off brings the market nearer to support, which makes for a cheaper buy in point. The upward sloping trend line now comes in around $8.59 to support the market and keep the larger bull flag formation intact.

Copper Commodities – A Fortune Of Old Copper Wire Sitting In the Ground and Phone Lines

Perhaps you know people who no longer have a landline in their home; that is to say when making phone calls they only use wireless networks, not the old system. This is happening more and more, because people would rather choose mobile technology over wired phone lines. Because of this AT&T realizes that these land lines cost too much to maintain and they are getting old, and that infrastructure is getting less reliable than it has been in the past. It’s no longer profitable with fewer people each year using them.

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