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Investing in Timber As an Inflation Hedge

With the current global financial turbulence, particularly in the USA and the Euro Zone, investors everywhere are looking for the holy grail that will both earn them a good return, isn’t likely to drop in value spectacularly, and will protect them against high inflation which is considered to be very possible in the next years. Investing in timber or forestry certainly holds its advantages. Tangible non-perishable commodities have long been a refuge for investors in times of market turbulence.

Timber Investments Set to Provide Good Returns With a Conscience

Mid-August saw the latest announcement of a new forestry fund, this particular fund, VBI Timberland Fund, is Brazil based and is seeking to raise $350 million US for timber investments in Brazilian forestry. Timber investments have been proving popular in recent times with a number of new funds and other investment vehicles appearing on the landscape. Institutional investors as well as private investors see timber investments as both attractive in terms of returns, VBI Timberland Fund is targeting a 14% internal annual rate of return, as well as a valuable hedge against inflation.

Financial Measurement: The Present Value Analysis

The time value of money as it applies to some point in the future. This concept, referred to as future value, allows us to determine the worth of an investment or financial instrument at a future time by introducing the notion of compounding.

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