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Live Bitcoin & Ethereum Signals | ETH | BTC | USDT - Live Streaming

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1- These candles are on 15min time frame.
2- You have to wait for the candle to close then only the signal confirms, It might retract if candle is not fully closed in 15mins.

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Tips For Trading Like a Professional

If you want to trade like a professional, then you must do what professional traders do. Professional day traders study the markets on a regular basis and are constantly coming up with strategies to help them be extremely successful. They know how to quickly spot trends and patterns so they can capitalize on them.

How To Use Discipline and Become a Better Trader

Discipline is vital if you want to be a good day trader. A day trader who lacks discipline will not be successful. Plain and simple.

How to Trade Without Emotional Detachment

When it comes to day trading, your emotions can get you in a lot of trouble. One of the main reasons so many beginners fail at day trading is because they let their emotions get the best of them. They make trading decisions based on what they feel instead of based on research and a sound strategy.

How to Became A Profitable Day Trader – 4 Tips

The concept of day trading is quite simple. You buy a stock low with the intention of selling it off for a profit before the end of the day. And while that sounds pretty straightforward, it can be very difficult for the untrained trader. In fact, less then 10% of those who practice day trading are actually profitable. Here are a few things you can do to become a successful day trader.

Opt for Skilled and Professional Binary Option Signals Service

Stock trading is passion for some while it generates higher income for many. Nowadays, few other options are gaining popularity related to trading. These are cost effective and comparatively risk free.

The Best Option Trading Software

Option trading software was made to give day traders of all experience levels a leg up. It makes use of complex mathematical algorithms, it is able to detect and identify high probability trading ops in the market. These algorithms compare contemporary market behavior to that of the past. From identifying overlaps between the two, you can learn everything about what to expect from that current stock in terms of subsequent behavior.

What Is Day Trading Shares?

If you have the capability to analyze data, if you are able to make some tough decisions and if you have the appetite for risk then the stock market holds a number of golden opportunities that can be availed of and enjoyed upon. Day trading shares are one of the open options that the stock market provides you. Day trading shares are considered to be the most actively traded shares.

When Are Day Trading Taxes Applicable?

People look at the working of the stock markets and say that it is a wonderful world as it is capable of making you rich overnight. It is just a matter of putting your money at the right place and the right time and also being able to pull out of the stock market at the right time. However, that is not the end of the story.

Monthly Income Investments: A Logical Move to Make Ends Meet

Monthly income investments are a way to make sure there is still money coming in even if there is no longer any job to provide for a steady monthly income. This is especially important for those who just retired.

What Is The Forex Market?

The foreign exchange market – Forex or FX is the leading liquid financial market with over $3.2 trillion trade volumes, daily. Trading world currencies for profits is the sole objective of the Forex market. The profit yield is high, so is the risk. Investors can participate across the global markets either individually or with the help of a broker.

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