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US Dollar Super Rally

This week we take a look at the sovereign debt bubble that is maturing this year and the implications it will have on the credit market. Spain will force the issue then Ireland and Greece will want more favorable terms, etc. Investors will avoid all sovereign debt at anything near market rates and with the internals of this rally in the stock market suggesting a last hurrah, we may very well see a flight to Dollar safety rather than Treasuries.

Ascendance of Commodity Trading in India

Investing in commodities has long been the cherished dream for numerous retail investors who have been looking out for avenues to diversify their portfolios beyond shares, bonds and real estate. Until the recent past retail investors could do very little to actually invest in popular age-old stock like gold, silver and oil. But with the setting up of multiple commodity exchanges in our country, retail investors have finally got a window to trade in commodity futures in a hassle free and seamless manner using the guidance of commodity research analysts and their research reports.

Buy the Atypical Mad Cow News

The atypical mad cow finding in California creates the standard, “sell first, ask questions later” reaction. However, a close examination of the effects mad cow disease on live cattle futures suggests that buying the market’s sell off may be the correct approach to trading it.

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