MAJOR Crypto CEO BLOWS UP Exchange!!

If you were late to the story of the FTX collapse and are trying to make sense of who the players are and what exactly happened, check out this short overview.
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Mountain Escapes, Holistic Decor

Mountains are where sages would go to for meditation, getting away from the conundrum of daily life, the higher altitudes and the purer air as well the rugged terrain make for great resort living and vacations. Cabins tucked away in the woods and made from natural wood logs are so beautiful and earthing. Holistic living and being mindful of nature, we cannot take anything for granted and have to respect Mother Earth’s resources. The trees and forests are sacred and the rivers and streams nurture the Earth. Bringing a holistic method to you life is so important as it serves a dual purpose. We take of the Earth and she in turn takes care of us.

Results After Dust, Bones, And Dying

Before I begin, I would just like to say that I do genuinely believe in an afterlife in accordance and in harmony with my Gnostic and Lutheran Christian faiths. Sure, our bodies are atoms, molecules, clay and dust in a sense, but our spirits are something finer. Call them indestructible, changeable with function energy, call them whatever they are. Either way, the spirit lives beyond the bodies, see it how you need to.

The Path of a Personal Spiritual Practice Includes Becoming Like a ‘Virtuoso’ in Meditation

The Path of a personal Spiritual Practice includes becoming like a ‘virtuoso’ in meditation. The goal of deep meditation is to find an inner peace that turns just sitting and doing ‘nothing’, into an inspiring ineffable experience that is beyond mere words to describe yet is so subtle that most folks at first won’t notice those profound depths. The ultimate goal of deep mediation is Full jhanic absorption, it is basically the ‘Enlightenment’ the Buddha experienced and has been taught by Buddhist ever since. This can be achieved by anyone that puts in the ‘Right effort’. Regardless of how profound the fruition of full jhanic absorption can be, any stage along the way will reveal a Bliss beyond measure that makes each step of this Path a reason to ‘be here now’.

The Lost Costs With Administrative-Related Tasks With Group Health Plans

Health coverage is expensive- both for individuals and for companies that provide it. The costs affect much of the medical field, including drug prices, cost of coverage, costs of care and visits, and a myriad of other areas of the health industry. Part of those costs is resulting from the administrative handling of health insurance logistics, and those costs affect the rest of the field, too.

What Few Travelers Are Aware Of or Are Concerned About

Most travelers know the basics of planning and packing for a trip overseas, but few are aware of the lottle things that can enhance ur ruin a trip, This article focuses on those little things that you will want to consider and factor in your plans. And save money and time!

Sharing The Truth

There are Believers who are hesitant to engage non-believers because of their own lack of self-arranged priorities. It is getting more and more difficult to distinguish a Christian from a non-Christian.

The Coming of Antichrist

Is he from Russia, China, the Middle East? Or from the past? The subject of antichrist has intrigued men for centuries. This is what I found in the Bible.

Babylon and the New World Order

How does Rome and Romanism enter into the picture of the last days? Will the world unite around her?

How To Make Your Daily Interactions Less Stressful

How to make your daily interactions less stressful. How can you make your interactions with others less stressful? Make a note of the number times your emotional sense of well being was disrupted and you felt stressed out enough to have an outburst during the day. Was it during a conversation or during a meeting? Was it with family, co-workers or strangers? Begin by finding out your emotional disruption ratio or percentage

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