Make Money Listening to Music?! Play To Earn!

Everyone knows about Play to earn P2E gaming with crypto – but now you can Play-to-Earn with music! Listen to music tracks and make money?! Talk about making play to earn literal lol, lets review corite and the CO token! Subscribe to VoskCoin today! –

Earn crypto listening to music and fund new artists with Corite –
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Making it big in the music industry is really difficult. Using the power of crypto and blockchain, Corite wants to help make sure the audience is also involved in the money-making process! By listening to songs, you can help fund your favorite artists and be rewarded in crypto! Play-to-Earn gaming took the world by storm, and it could only be a matter of time until Play-to-Earn music is just as popular!

Learn how to Make Money with Metamask on the Binance BNB Chain –

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Music on the Blockchain?!
02:11 What is the Corite project?
04:25 Corite roadmap and team
06:55 Corite project features
10:02 Corite token distribution
10:47 Play-to-Earn with music & crypto!

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