MASSIVE NEWS in CRYPTO! – MicroStrategy BUYS MORE BTC! Grayscale SUES SEC! Fear in the Crypto Market

MASSIVE NEWS in CRYPTO! – MicroStrategy BUYS MORE BTC! Grayscale SUES SEC! Fear in the Crypto Market

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Logistics Costs Consideration in the Economic Assessment of Waste Frying Oil Based Biodiesel

Aside from reducing the environmental problem of food service businesses uncontrolled disposal of waste oil, Waste Frying Oils (WFOs) based biodiesel also cuts the economy’s dependence on limited resources and petroleum-based diesel imports. In this study, a method for evaluating the costs of biodiesel production from WFOs was proposed with the aim of developing an economic evaluation of this alternative. A logistics aspect is seldom explored in the calculation of such feasibilities.

Environmental Influences on Pollutants Removal in Modular Bioretention Swale

The change in land use due to industrialization and urbanization has resulted in an increase in percentage perviousness in urban landscape. Nutrients and suspended solids accumulated on surfaces of urban cities are often washed into stormwater runoff receiving waterbodies causing eutrophic and unattractive waterbodies. As such, there is a pressing need to mitigate the impact of urbanization and industrialization by shifting towards the use of bioretention systems as a sustainable urban stormwater management system. Despite the large numbers of studies conducted to understand the influences and optimize the performance of bioretention systems; many of these studies were conducted on laboratory or pilot scale, which may not be applicable in field-based studies. Furthermore, many of the researches were done in Australia where there is seasonal changes thus may not be applicable to a tropical country like Singapore.

Drainage Analysis of Mountainous Watersheds in Ras Al Khaimah Emirate, UAE

Many Wadis in the Arab Emirates (UAE) are active during rainy periods. Geomorphologically, the UAE is composed of mountains, gravel plains, sand dunes, and coastal zones. The runoff generation in these Wadis represents a complex phenomenon because of the topography of drainage basin. Morphological parameters were estimated and analyzed for the surface runoff generation and flooding possibility of twelve catchments in Ras Al Khaimah area of UAE. Hydrologic Engineering Center-Hydrologic Modeling System model is used to estimate the water yield in Wadi Al Bih due to rainfall events. Simulated results were compared with the observed water storage data of several historical storm events for the calibration of the model. The obtained results were compared with the observed yield and are found accurate and within an average of error 10%. Rainfall-runoff/yield curves were developed based on the duration and intensity of rainfall distribution. These curves can be used for prediction of surface water runoff and water storage in dams due to different rainfall events.

Eco-Friendly Resorts Make the Best Places for a Family Holiday in Hyderabad

City space is fast shrinking or family time in Hyderabad. The restaurants and fine-dining places are always crowded with young, restless crowd. Pubs and bars wouldn’t make a decent choice for the family outing, particularly with the children.

Learn How to Collect Payments on Your Facebook Shop

The Facebook Store/shop now allows you to sell your products and services online, reaching a potential 241 million customers in India. With social media becoming one of the leading ways to sell, here’s all you need to know about how to sell using Facebook, as a medium.

Multichannel Marketing Product Management Software

A successful eCommerce business is not confined to just populating inventory and building a digital storefront. It requires engagement with every nook and corner of the business that may be order management, listing, inventory, shipping, and accounting. Failure in addressing any of these aspects may lead to utter confusion and loss of time as well as money.

GDPR: Security And Protection For Healthcare Sector

GDPR law helps to protect an organisation’s as well as individuals data. Like most of the businesses, healthcare also requires certain regulations for the data privacy. So, proper compliance should be taken in order to get rid from penalties and fines. A certified course in GDPR will make you aware of its importance for the present and the near future.

Preparing Your Kids for the Dentist

The help desk will lend their assistance for that effort as well. That will explain services to be arranged in real time.

Avail the Most Suitable of All the Meditation Courses in India for Peace of Mind

Few decades back, if someone uttered about meditation courses in India, he or she would be given either a weird look or a stare. There were different reasons for both of them. Meditation had lost its glow and shine in India and people thought its waste of time giving away valuable part of a day siting in silence, not thinking about anything and spending the time just for the sake of blankness.

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