My Hot Take on Kadena $KDA!

So finally here it is… you asked for a piece on Kadena KDA and I have made it. For the Kadena fans out there, this probably wasn’t what you were expecting. But I approached it with an open mind and this is what stood out to me! In this video I want to share my Top 7 concerns with you that I discovered when diving into this project. Like I said, I will keep an open mind so if I got anything wrong, please let me know in the comments below!

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Links for Proof:
480k speed:
KDA miner price:
KDA miner price 2:
Centralized hashrate:
Token emissions:
Token distribution:
Atomic Composability:
Kadena Upcoming Projects:

0:00 Intro
0:59 Ground Rules
1:44 Kadena in a nutshell
2:57 480k TPS is wrong
4:19 Vauld shout out
5:29 Braided architecture limitations
6:41 Mining centralized
7:44 Tokenomics issues
9:01 Source of demand for KDA?
9:57 Team is just OK
10:39 Where are the Dapps?
11:06 Keeping an open mind

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