*NEW* Play to Earn NFT METAVERSE Game Will Blow Your Mind

MetaGear is blockchain-based asymmetric gameplay brought by OnePad PTE LTD.

This NFT & Metaverse-based Pixel combat game was inspired by the intense battles between supercars in the popular TV show ”ROBOT WARS”, which opens up a modern Pixel world – Metaverse.

With years of experience in developing mobile games, their mission is to bring the best experiences to gamers. MetaGear is not just a means of entertainment, but an investment as well, and is not time-consuming at all.

With these special features, MetaGear would like to introduce an epic Metaverse, with the best P2E mechanics out there.

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Check out MetaGear for more: https://s.metagear.game/CoraHarrison
A campaign by Team Blockwiz: https://blockwiz.com

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