PDot.io token airdrop – Watch out!

In this post I will show you PDot.io token airdrop and how to remove a scan coin from your wallet.

Think before pressing buttons on websites. It costs a lot of money. =================================================

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Scam Token, don’t visit the website or try to sell. If this coin is in your wallet leave as is. DONT TOUCH IT!

❇️  Reddit Community 👉  here

❇️  Scam Community Pdot.io 👉  here


How to remove a scam coin from my wallet ?


What is Crypto Token?

Crypto tokens typically act as systems of cryptocurrency. They are developed to do the very same task as physical tokens or coins like American cents, British extra pounds, etc. They are basic devices of value that can be passed from a single person to another.

At a technological level, a crypto token is a basic piece of code that is affixed to a single user’s public wallet address. A crypto ‘wallet’ describes a special type of computer software program that is particularly made to connect with blockchains and also is where each individual’s tokens are kept.


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