PinkPanda Wallet Review

This video was made to show you what the PinkPanda cryptocurrency wallet is all about. We’ll explain how it came to be, how it works, and how people make money with it in plain English. There will be a lot of interesting material, so make sure you watch this movie all the way to the finish so you don’t miss anything. Remember to subscribe to the channel and leave your feedback.

PinkPanda Finance is building a non-custodial, mobile-first wallet and decentralized exchange that allows for 5x leverage, complex order types, and smooth trading on the Binance Smart Chain. PinkPanda is also known as Pink Panda Holdings, Inc. in Delaware, where it is registered as a C Corp. $PINKPANDA is their service token for the PinkPanda Exchange, which was launched on May 29, 2021.


PinkPanda Wallet Community

The community has surpassed 10,000 members, and the team has completed all of the tasks on their roadmap, including the introduction of their mobile app and various updates.
PinkPanda, established by Adam Carlton, is backed and advised by a group of seasoned executives and has a staff of cryptocurrency-focused developers with over 50 years of combined expertise.

$PINKPANDA aspires to be a useful cryptocurrency. It is not exclusively backed by hype and advertising, but one that is bolstered by its use case. People will be able to use the token to access the wallet and DEX, which will charge a commission of $PINKPANDA.


PinkPanda Wallet Market

The coin has already gained over 10,000 holders, about 5,000 mobile installs, and amazing reviews from influencers since its launch on Pancakeswap. It charges a ten percent transaction fee, of which half is returned to holders and the other half is locked into the liquidity pool to avoid volatility.

PinkPanda will follow Mango Markets’ lead and seek a 120 percent initial collateral ratio and a 110 percent supporting collateral ratio. The account will be liquidated if the user’s collateral ratio falls below 110 percent. A decentralized oracle will be used to calculate the account’s worth. Anyone with the ability to profit can run the liquidator.

The interest rate is determined by the utilization rate, which is calculated as the total amount borrowed divided by the total amount deposited by all customers. When the utilization rate approaches 70%, the interest rate will gradually climb, but will swiftly rise over that level to encourage the market to invest more.

Bitcoin (BTC)
Rank: 1
$ 28,316.59
Price (BTC)
$ 547.72 B
$ 31.24 B
24h Change
Total Supply
21.00 M BTC

Aside from the technology, the PinkPanda team is establishing a global community. At every level of the project, they place a premium on community involvement. The BSC team and community are made up of active developers, traders, and crypto enthusiasts who are working hard to make the BSC a more mature environment.

The PinkPanda trading platform, which is set to arrive in 2022, will feature a limited order book as well as advanced order types like sliding stop losses. It will also allow for up to 5 times leverage/spot margin trading. Other in-network spot margin trading protocols, such as Solana’s Mango Markets and Aave Ethereum, inspired Pinkpanda’s margin trading structure. Unlike other types of trading, PinkPanda will contain liquidation protection algorithms and other end-user safeguards that aren’t available on any centralized exchanges.

More than simply a wallet and DEX will be available through the app. Users can receive updates about impending project announcements, milestones, and community events, as well as participate fully in token governance and participate in contests, in-app competitions, and a vote on which charity the company will donate to next. Users’ full BSC Portfolios will be able to be charted as well.

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🔥 Kryptex

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🔥 CudoMiner


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