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Polkadot Price Prediction – DOT Price Prediction – WHAT NOW!? – Polkadot Prediction – DOT Coin

Today we take a look at Polkadot or DOT. The POLKADOT price prediction f is that we will see it reach close to 100 or 200 dollars by the end of the next 3 months to year.

$ 5.271.56%

In this video, we will be doing Polkadot price predictions for the end of the year and the end of our bull market. 

What’s making polka dot rising value right now what’s in the news with polka dot obviously the entire market itself is currently up 2.63 bitcoin hovering right around 43 000 in ethereum hovering close to 3k.

So you know the markets are completely upright now seeing great things across the board but what’s making polka dot continue to shine.

Then let’s jump straight into it. Polkadot co-founder talks and walks through Polkadots ecosystem where d5 fits in and the privacy and security challenge is lying ahead. 

This is a great episode that actually goes into details so if you guys do hold a lot of Polkadot I would suggest going through the details on this video a little bit more yourself. 


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