REAL Potential Of ICP!

The real potential of ICP lies in the fact that it is not just a Layer 1 competitor, but it is a project that can viably work with Ethereum and other protocols to bring much-needed value to other spaces. ICP can viably work with other ecosystems in creating a new Internet!
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Does A Mother Enmeshed Man Need To Reflect On The Fact That His Mother Will Die One Day?

Firstly, a mother-enmeshed man will need to see that he is enmeshed, and, secondly, he will need to do something about it. It can be difficult for him to see that this is the case and doing something about it can be even harder.

Mother Enmeshed Men: Does A Man Need To Realise That His Mother Can Handle Life Without Him?

For as long as a man can remember, he may see that he has been focused on his mother and done his best to meet her needs. Thanks to how normal this has been, it will have taken a while for him to see how out of balance he is.

Creating a Mission Statement As a Head of Curriculum in a High School

Part of being a successful school leader is to have a set of behaviours that enshrine what you see as being your role. This could be your own Mission Statement. This article comes out of the author’s experiences of almost 16 years as head of department. In the latter years, he was asked to present workshops on his role to groups of newly appointed and aspiring HODs. The ideas expressed in this article were part a workshop titled “The Curriculum Leader” that he presented to the teachers on creating their own mission.

Foundational Thinking

We can be right, wrong or in between in a gray area, but, the one basic choice in life we make works or does not work, there is not any gray area there. When I think about what foundation I am thinking from, I think of this: Does it work, or does it not work. I do not think of anything else, that is the most material and spiritual question I can think of sharply.

The Victorian Era and the British Empire

The Victorian period was one of Great Britain’s greatest eras. History gives an insight to understanding the present existing social, political, religious and economic conditions of a society.

Top 3 Ways To Be Invisible to Mosquitoes

Nobody likes mosquito bites! Learn how you can become invisible to mosquitoes and not get bitten!

What Gets in Our Way!

The idea that your business that you love and becoming financially free should be hard or you should struggle to succeed is flawed. When you aligned with your soul purpose and are doing what you are passionate about in your work it will be fun and your life will become easier, rather than heavier.

Inner Peace and Happiness Comes From Hearts Desire

Today is a day worth remembering When doubts, self-destructive tendencies, self-blocks cloud the truth that lays within our heart, we become less communicative with the voice and begin a long arduous path of detachment and emotional upheaval. While we use our brain to live out each day, which is often influenced by our surroundings, our heart cannot be manipulated by anyone else.

Society Thrives on Wholesome Values

Complex societies are characterized by having different social and economic classes and larger populations. Every individual relates and behaves on the basis of their perception of the surrounding environment they live. It is essential that we cultivate skills of living in harmony with other people around us both, for our sake and others in the community. It is rational people who manage their affairs according to logic or reason which are future oriented.

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