RTX 3090’s Ethereum Memory Temperatures in a Server Case

Time Stamps:
00:00 Preface
01:05 Ethereum Hashrate In HiveOS & Overclock Settings/Absolute Core Clock
01:53 Power Consumption HiveOS & at the wall
02:01 Installing Windows
03:41 Reminiscing
04:43 Contemplating Life
05:16 Still Contemplating
05:26 Losing Money
06:25 Can I Re-Build a Rig Before Windows Update Finishes?
09:02 Absolute Core Clock in Windows
10:17 RTX 3090 Hashrate & Memory Temperatures
11:24 5 Minutes In Memory Temperatures Check
12:43 10 Minutes In Memory Temperatures Check
15:15 30 Minutes In Memory Temperatures Check
15:30 Final Thoughts

*DISCLAIMER* When it comes to GPU Mining, remember Silicon Lottery! Results MAY vary from GPU to GPU so your Clocks/Undervolt/Voltage shown in my videos may not work for you because of GPU Brand/Memory/Manufacturing what have you. Temperatures and your Cooling methods will also play the part and have an affect. Test at your OWN RISK and do your OWN RESEARCH.

Disclaimer – I am not an expert. This is not financial advice and do your own research. Everything said is from my point of view and for entertainment purposes.

Investing In Agricultural Stocks – Temporary Trend Or Inteligent Investment?

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Guide to Commodity Trading

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