RX 6800 Mining Overview | Profitability, Hashrate & Overclocking

In this video, I review the RX 6800 for mining. We cover everything about this GPU from availability, profitability, and overclocks in Windows and a Linux-Based Mining OS. Enjoy!

Disclaimer – This is not financial advice – please do your own research. Everything is for entertainment purposes and from our personal experience.

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Successful Commodities Trading

Most people would want to make profit at the convenience of their homes if that would be possible. The commodities market may just provide them with the opportunity to do so. Those who are involved in simulated commodity trading options for example may learn everything that they need in this business. However, they rely on internal a well as on external factors when they deal with the market. The weather condition as well as political events may form part of the external environment that may affect commodities. Traders should also be aware of the trends in terms of price fluctuations and movements of commodities in volumes.

Investing In An Agriculture ETF – Useful Tips

Agriculture exposure has the ability to protect your portfolio from inflation and instability in currency markets. This article outlines the advantages of investing in agriculture ETFs, and offers some potential investment options.

Similarities and Differences of Options and Futures

New traders may often come across the terms options and futures which often seem like synonymous concepts in trading. However, they have to be able to discern that there are similarities as there are differences in these two trading concepts which they can use to their advantage. Options and futures are considered are derivatives which mean that when taken alone, they do not really have any value but traders get its worth from the instrument of which they are based upon. Traders who engage in this type of trading basically get into agreements or contracts. However, there are differences in the terms that are stated in the contracts.

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