RX 6800 Mining Overview | Profitability, Hashrate & Overclocking

RX 6800 Mining Overview | Profitability, Hashrate & Overclocking

In this video, I review the RX 6800 for mining. We cover everything about this GPU from availability, profitability, and overclocks in Windows and a Linux-Based Mining OS. Enjoy!

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00:00 – Intro
00:27 – Announcements & Giveaway
02:32 – Overview, Unboxing & First Look
03:11 – Cost, Availability & Best Brands
04:56 – Profitability & Best Coin To Mine
08:05 – Stock Settings Mining
08:49 – Windows Mining Overclocks
10:14 – Linux-based OS Mining Overclocks
10:46 – Wrap-Up
20:47 – Outro

MORE INFO About this GPU and updated profits found here – https://miningchamber.com/gpu-mining/rx-6800-mining-settings/
TeamRedMiner Guide: https://youtu.be/_zwn9zDUclw
Full Mining Rig Builds Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmqQIONtYyaEtj3DskJj-T4VrFLaOhc29

Parts used in this video:
• RX 6800| On Amazon | https://geni.us/EPip
• Power Meter | On Amazon | https://geni.us/DztU
• MSI Pro Z170A | On Amazon | https://geni.us/5xuvqzz
• Intel Celeron G3900 | On Amazon | https://geni.us/TpwhE0
• Thermaltake 850W PSU | On Amazon | https://geni.us/tnkysJ
• Portable MSI Monitor | On Amazon | https://geni.us/rfEXw4V

Places to buy Hardware from: https://miningchamber.com/stores
Mining Software, Wallets, and Exchanges: https://miningchamber.com/platforms
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Mining Chamber Website: https://miningchamber.com
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Our Recommended GPUs – Ranked in order
[Check your local market apps for better deals!] – (Offer ups, letgo, Kijiji, Craigslist, etc.)
RTX 3060 TI | On Amazon | https://geni.us/PJ8kG
RTX 3080 | On Amazon | https://geni.us/AWiwdnC
RTX 3070 | On Amazon | https://geni.us/6q2IWAG
GTX 1660 Super | On Amazon | https://geni.us/k2G0ytP
RX 5700 XT | On Amazon | https://geni.us/LpPDYa
RX 5600 XT | On Amazon | https://geni.us/w9CmpF
RX 5500 XT 8 GB | On Amazon | https://geni.us/Vrxg
RX 6800 XT | On Amazon | https://geni.us/fpff
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