Safemoon Wallet – How To Send, Recieve, Swap & Import Trust Wallet

In this video, I’ll be giving you an in-depth look and complete walkthrough of the Safemoon Wallet which was just released for Android devices.

Feel free to use the timestamps below to review the specific area of this video that you’re most interested in. However, note that there are different notes and pieces of information scattered throughout this video so it’s well worth watching the whole video from start to finish at least once to make sure you understand everything.

⏰ Timestamps
00:00 – Into
00:51 – How To Download & Set Up The Safemoon Wallet
02:38 – Safemoon Wallet Features Overview
04:30 – Using The Buy Button On The Safemoon Wallet
05:13 – Important Reminder When Sending From Trust Wallet To Safemoon Wallet
06:20 – How To Send BNB From Trust Wallet To Safemoon Wallet
08:35 – How To Send Safemoon From Trust Wallet To Safemoon Wallet
10:30 – How To Use Swap On Safemoon Wallet
12:40 – Background Behind Avoiding Safemoon Tax When Sending Safemoon From Trust Wallet To Safemoon Wallet
14:37 – How To Link Trust Wallet With Safemoon Wallet (To Avoid Safemoon Tax)

🤚 Disclosure
I (Cora Harrison) am not a financial advisor and nothing I say in these videos should be taken as financial advice. If you are unsure about anything you should speak to a qualified professional for further assistance. I am not responsible for any actions you take off the back of watching this video if the process(es) change or if you get anything wrong (and/or loose money) based off what is said in this or any other videos on this channel.

I also do not have a Whatsapp group or community. Those saying I do so are scammers in the comments pretending to be me. I do my best to remove them and block the words etc. however, please do not give your financial details to anyone from the comments of this video – again I am not responsible if you do so.

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