What Is SANDBOX – How It Works – SAND TOKEN Review

SANDBOX – What Is SANDBOX – How It Works – SAND TOKEN Review
Surely many have played Minecraft, building their own cozy worlds out of blocks. And who hasn’t dreamed of getting real rewards for his locations, in which he invested so much time and effort? This is roughly what the Sandbox blockchain game project with a native SAND token offers. What is it, how does it work, and what are the prospects for this coin? Learn the answers to these and other questions in our video. Watch carefully so you don’t miss the most important things!

SandBox is an unusual project that shows that blockchain is not only limited to the financial sector or supply chain. Its format is something between an MMO and a marketplace of game content like Steem, where players can not only exchange things, objects, and locations, but also create them themselves.
The site uses ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFT tokens to mark areas of the game space and game objects, which guarantees the creator’s copyright protection. But the most valuable token is ERC-20 – SAND, which ties together objects, locations, game experience, and players themselves. All content sharing on SandBox is done using SAND only.
It is true that the platform itself, like the SAND token, is primarily of interest to gamers and is aimed at this audience. The platform has not yet fully implemented all the promised functionality, and the SAND ecosystem is limited to the platform itself and one exchange. However, investors looking for a promising startup should pay attention to SandBox already due to the fact that it entered the world through IEO and has been operating for a very short time.

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