SBF Speaks: How WE Get Him ARRESTED in the Bahamas

The King Named James

What do you think? Should we name a Bible translation after a man?

The King James, the Church of England, and the Apocrypha

“The King James Version (KJV)…

Truth Never Changes, Languages Do

The English Language. The apostles never used it. I say this in jest, but I would not be surprised if there are some who believe that the King James Version of the Bible was handed down from that august group.

Speak My Language!

“God wrote one Bible…

How Do You Determine the Value of Your Online Business?

Valuing an online company is challenging because it lacks physical assets. But, just like any other business, this business is also subject to the same profit and revenue considerations.

Psychics-How They Get Information

The idea of magically perceiving details about the future takes some getting used to. But once you do, the awareness can be invaluable, saving you enormous amounts of time and money.

What’s the Number 15 Reason You Can’t Find Love?

The number 15 reason you can’t find love may disappoint many of you. Except, once you clearly understand this reason, you are less likely to be deceived by your love interest. With this knowledge, you will be better positioned to create a relationship that brings you true and lasting fulfillment.

5 Considerations/ Reasons For Current Real Estate Markets!

In recent memory, if ever, we have never witnessed, a real estate market, similar to, the one, we are currently, seeing! After, over 15 years, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I strongly, believe, the housing market, will, probably, always, be cyclical, and, at some point, this, too, will change! While, there are several factors/ reasons/ considerations, regarding, why we are experiencing, this performance, etc, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, and review, and discuss, 5 specific possibilities, and why/ how, they have created, these circumstances, etc.

5 Essentials To Overcoming This Pandemic!

Has the American political system, become weaker, and attracted lesser individuals, recently, or, perhaps, was it never, as strong, as many, wanted to believe it was, in, past – years? Why is there, so – little, common sense, these days? While, certain issues are expected to be partisan, many, such as handling this horrific pandemic, should not, be!

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