Charles Hoskinson apparently heard rumors (not claiming any more than rumors) about the XRP/SEC case ending on Dec 15. This would be a crazy week for that to happen, given the FED meeting and the SBF senate hearing happening simultaneously. Still expecting maybe spring of next year for the Ripple case, but it would be an interesting week.
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Three Advantages of Urethane Casting

Urethane casting is a manufacturing process for making prototype and low-volume parts by using a silicone mold to form urethane parts. The parts are made out of materials that are plastic-like or rubber-like. The process can be ideal for quantities up to about 25 parts, and it has several advantages over other plastic manufacturing processes like injection molding and additive manufacturing (3D printing). This article takes a look at three of these advantages.

Top 3 Reasons Why Carbs Are NOT Bad!

Carbs are not bad! I feel as though the closer the warm months get to us, the further away the carbs are…

How to Text Your Way Out of The Friend Zone and Into Her Bed

Improving my attractive communication skills and sending more effective and attractive text messages to women, helped me in being more successful in dating women and create wonderful relationships with these beautiful creatures. There are programs and training guides that teach you specific, step-by-step formulas for creating a connection, sparking emotions and attraction with the woman that you want to date.

LG K9 TV Firmware

Download the LG K9 TV LMX210BMW’s ROM stock and repair problems like infinite looping locks and many other problems. Stock rom also called by firmware is the name given by many users on the internet to Android custom by manufacturers.

Big Data Analytics Healthcare Market: Key Trends and Challenges

Big data analytics is helpful in providing insightful information to healthcare enterprises. It also helps in evaluating standard medical data, structured or unstructured, for predicting patients at risk and providing them with effective care.

How Can Cats Communicate?

Cats are telling us many things each day. Can you figure out what they’re “saying?” If not, discover the ways cats communicate here.

France Is The Oppressor, They Continue To Keep Southern Cameroon Captive

Once an oasis of peace and stability in Africa, my beautiful home region of Southern Cameroons is currently going through excruciating pains, seemingly worse than the Rwandan genocide of 1994: our people are actually being exterminated like cockroaches. Nearly two years have gone by and, I am convinced, the UN and AU have not demonstrated any real commitment to mediate in this menacing situation. It is well known that France is pulling the strings to keep our nation, full of rich human and natural resources, captive.

Why Contractors Need a Professional Website

Contractors are often to busy to worry about websites and advertising. This article explores reasons why every contractor should invest in a professional website for their business.

DIY Storm Cleanup in Baltimore, Maryland

Prepare for storm clean ups in Baltimore, MD. Find out how we can help you when disaster strikes. Use of our roll off dumpsters make clean ups much easier.

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