See what three degrees of global warming looks like

If global temperatures rise three degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, the results would be catastrophic. It’s an entirely plausible scenario, and this film shows you what it would look like.

00:00 – What will a 3°C world look like?
00:57 – Climate change is already having devastating effects
02:58 – How climate modelling works
04:06 – Nowhere is safe from global warming
05:20 – The impact of prolonged droughts
08:24 – Rising sea levels, storm surges and flooding
10:27 – Extreme heat and wet-bulb temperatures
12:51 – Increased migration and conflict
14:26 – Adaptation and mitigation are crucial

Stock Market Training – Day Trading

Day trading is a difficult aspect in stock exchange business and to learn it, you should enroll to a Stock Market Training course. What everyone requires to be familiar with the stock industry is to take one or some courses. The Global Finance School courses will help you with the things you are having troubles and will guide you to take good decisions about your investments.

Day Trading Options – How to Reduce Your Risk While Making Money

There are many ways in which you can enter the stock market, but most people prefer to trade in regular stocks. If you have been making a regular but small amount of money on the stock market it is perhaps time for you to consider trading in options for a change.

Japanese Candlesticks – Double Tops And Double Bottoms In Japanese Candlestick Theory

Japanese candlestick theory strives on double tops and double bottoms. They are one of the most well-known and powerful techniques known by Forex traders. They are essentially a of the previous high or low. Triple tops and triple tops are essentially the same thing but have three peaks or valleys instead.

Technical Analysis – How You Can Profit From Technical Analysis Using Rectangles and Triangles

Technical analysis has a number of patterns that can be used to make a profit out of most financial markets such as Forex, stocks, bonds or commodities. We list the main ones so you can spot them when they arise in a chart and make a profit if your view turns out to be correct.

How to Increase Your Knowledge of Stock Trading

Stock trading is inherently risky and good skills, experience and aptitude are required in order to do it well. One may ask how trading is different from say sports or singing where also you require the same criteria. Learning stock trading is significantly different from learning any other skill…

Dow Theory – All You Know Need To Know To Profit From Dow Theory In 6 Bullet Points

Dow theory is a theory about price movements that provides much of the foundation for technical analysis. This technical analysis method was derived from Dow’s 255 editorials on The Wall Street Journal shortly after his death. Dow himself never used Dow theory, though.

Enter the World of Forex Trading

The real name of Forex Market is Foreign Exchange Market and sometimes it is termed as Forex. It is a well-known worldwide market for the exchange of currencies. The sole purpose of such market is to find out the values of currencies from different regions of the world.

Forex Traders! 95% of You Are Destined to Fail – Says Lawyer and Successful Forex Trader

Over ninety percent and as high as ninety-five percent of currency traders will blow out their first account within months and often times weeks or hours of beginning trading. This is not an exaggerated statement or a generalization. It is the cold hard facts. Find out why and how you can avoid this from happening to you. Join the ranks of the elite few who make all of the money.

Why Most Traders Lose Money

Have you ever, as a trader of foreign exchange, found that your demo account works pretty fine until you go live with the broker of your choice? I have, and with a great deal of frustration too. The question here is why does this happen? Why do trades go well on demo accounts and the same strategy fails on a live one?

Options Trading Basics – What Are The Option Greeks?

So why do experienced traders care about the “Option Greeks?” It is because they are a valuable tool in predicting what will happen to the price of an option as market variables changes. This may seem difficult to comprehend at first, but option prices do not move exactly with the price of the underlying asset. However, any trader that dedicates the time to learn the essentials will begin to understand what factors contribute to the movement in the price of an option, and what effect each factor has.

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