The Easy Way to Invest with Metallurgy Gold  

Knowing which cryptocurrency to invest in can be challenging with this many digital assets in circulation. But introducing a new cryptocurrency project can facilitate the stabilization of the crypto economy, as the opportunities to make a profit are increasing.  

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Lately, more and more cryptocurrency investors are looking to catch the latest crypto launches with the hope of generating huge returns. So, the opportunity came by, and a decentralized gold store project was recently launched on the Binance Smart Chain, called Metallurgy Gold ($MGLD).  

The project comes with a platform for selling/buying gold, silver, and other precious metals. However, the platform is decentralized, with any individual or company being able to purchase $MGLD using the Binance Smart Chain currency pair.  

Follow the entire article to discover the details about the easy way to invest with Metallurgy Gold!  

Metallurgy Gold is a project advancing and evolving to create its own decentralized exchange. It was launched on the decentralized international market, Binance Smart Chain, being the first project to use a redistribution mechanism equal to 10% Elrond eGOLD($EGLD) from each transaction to the $MGLD holders.  

The Metallurgy Gold project offers a broad spectrum purpose to the $MGLD tokens. The currency will be redistributed in regular donations and essential for communities in need, reforestation, and wildlife. The particularities of redistribution are in the following form: 10% Elrond eGold to holders, 3% for marketing and project evolution, and 1% for liquidity. $MGLD Functionalities  

Metallurgy Gold promises that if you would like to invest, they will offer a safe experience. All liquidity pools have been locked on DXSALE for 18 years, so all tokens were put into circulation as a fair launch.  

On Metallurgy Gold, you can also invest in $XGLD. Same as $MGLD, $XGLD LP is also locked on DxSale for 18 years. And furthermore, $XGLD is more suitable for trading and payments due to lower taxes.  

Also, $XGLD will be exchanged through the Metallurgy Gold DEX and will open the door to buy/sell physical gold and precious metals.  

Token mechanism  

To understand Metallurgy Gold’s token mechanism, you must keep in mind a few aspects. Each time a token is bought, the contract will accumulate in pending due for the $MGLD holder, which will redistribute on each sell.  

If you hold $XGLD on Trust Wallet/MetaMask, the contract will redistribute equally 6% per transaction in $MGLD. Also, the $MGLD tokenomics proposes: 

  • 10% used to purchase $EGLD, which is automatically redistributed to holders.  
  • 3% allocated to the marketing wallet to grow the project.  
  • 1% automatically added to the liquidity on PancakeSwap.  

Metallurgy Gold upcoming features  

Metallurgy Gold is not just a platform for selling/buying gold, silver, and other precious metals. Besides that, the platform will also enable features like the NFT integration.  

Metallurgy Gold will release another currency in the same ecosystem. It will have a stable price at the same value as gold (gold-pegged). Also, the Metallurgy Gold platform will launch for selling/buying gold, silver, and other precious metals along with its own NFT Marketplace.  

Because it is a team structured on constant development and extension, they approach areas such as solar parks for green electricity redistribution, BTC mining hosting, and transaction nodes.  

Also, Metallurgy Gold proposes an online clothing store brand, METALLURGY, with cool stuff to wear for its community.  

Level up your investment journey  

The team is dedicated and is making great strides to enter this market of the future in force. Those interested in being part of the golden community are invited to the National Telegram group @MetallurgyGoldRO or International @MetallurgyGold and encouraged to check the official website.  

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