The Fairest Review of Pulsechain

Pulsechain is a Layer 1 platform that was forked from Ethereum and founded by controversial figure, Richard Heart. It’s not even launched yet, but there’s already a lot of details about it because it was announced over a year ago, so today let’s evaluate Pulsechain in the fairest way that I can. If you disagree with me on some points that is fine, but I hope you find that I was super reasonable with my concerns and analysis, so I hope that came across in this video.

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0:00 Intro
0:19 What is Pulsechain?
3:04 1 – Why clone everything?
4:15 2 – Is Pulsechain unique?
5:12 3 – Problem attracting devs
6:28 AAX shout out
7:10 4 – Trouble with SEC?
8:30 5 – Centralized like crazy
10:02 Price predictions
11:44 PLS is NOT like HEX!
13:07 My verdict

#Pulsechain #PLS #HEX #RichardHeart

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