The LIES Need To Stop (SafeMoon + DRIP Discussion)

Certain members of the SafeMoon community are doing the exact same thing they hated others doing about SafeMoon, spread FUD and not do their own research. It’s a toxic mentality that has been growing from within and I’m here to address this and my hope is people will step back, do their own research, listen to the facts and grow and evolve. Crypto is bigger than any one project.

DRIP Network Whitepaper –

Forex Shark Discord –
You have to post ?agree on the welcome channel to get a role and full access to the server

My interview with DRIP creator. Question about pyramid scheme/ponzi scheme I ask at 14:28 –

SafeMoon Roundtable. Adam’s callout on Trolls at 33:19. I follow up with clarification at 38:16. –

DRIP use cases –

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