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Love, Leadership Mindset, and Lockdown

Struggling to keep the energy up for your people? Keeping a positive leadership mindset is more important than ever. Here are some essential tips, and some funny relief.

Photoelectric Switches In Outdoor Home Lighting

Surely it must be admitted that people lead busy lives today. Between work and family and upkeep on a home, there is a lot to be done in 24 hours. Some small things fall through the cracks.

Small Business Marketing – The Basics

When trying to promote a small business it is important to forget the marketing hype and focus on the needs of the customer. We cover the marketing basics to consider be spending anything on marketing activity.

5 Simple Cybersecurity Rules To Follow At Home

Much has been written about proper cybersecurity safeguards for those working from remote locations. While remote workers need to be aware and educated regarding precautions to guard against a data breach to their corporate business network, the same holds true for those using their devices for mostly leisure activities. Taking some necessary precautions need not be complicated.

Persistence Is the Key

The people who become the leaders of their lives rather than going with the flow and accepting the scraps that life tosses them understand the power of persistence. Earl Nightingale, American radio speaker and author says, “Sometimes it appears that there is a hidden guide someplace whose duty it is to test men and women through all sorts of discouraging experiences.”

The Gospel Paul Preached

Lot of people preaching a lot of “Gospels” today. Which one did Paul preach?

7 Benefits Of Using WordPress For Website Development

When it comes to website development, most business owners prefer to choose a WordPress developer. And here are the key advantages of choosing WordPress over other CMSs or web development platforms.

Giving What You Have

Knowing our positional authority and acting on it are two different things. Satan would rather have us quote Scripture instead of living the Word.

How the Galatians Turned From Christ

How could a church ministered to so recently by Paul himself, be turning away from Christ? What makes people do such things?

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