Top 4 Mobile NFT Games To Make $50+ A Day

NFT Mobile gaming continues to be on the rise because its so easy to get started with just your phone and some time invested.

There are avid mobile gamers making anywhere from $10 to $50+ a day on some of these mobile NFT games.

The games range from pokemon style battle games, virtual pets, NFT land with Age of Empires style building, and card based strategy games like Hearthstone.

I break down the best 4 mobile NFT games where you can profit the most and find something that suits your game play style so you can play and earn on the go!

(you must download the mobile version directly from their website)

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:42 Setup
00:01:47 Binemon
00:02:57 Initial Sale
00:03:45 Ambrosia
00:04:19 Rate Of Earning
00:04:46 Game Preview
00:05:14 Level Up
00:05:55 Breakdown
00:06:25 League Of Kingdom
00:07:13 Different Ways To Earn
00:07:41 Gameplay
00:08:20 Breakdown
00:08:54 Splinterlands
00:09:39 Daily Quests
00:10:00 Rent Your Cards
00:10:16 Breakdown
00:10:34 Gameplay
00:11:09 iOS And Android
00:11:48 Axie Infinity
00:12:30 Not Cheap
00:13:34 SLP Tokens
00:14:19 Wrap Up

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