URGENT! Bitcoin Supply Shock Will Start Global Crypto FOMO!

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Happy Friday E.T Fam! I’m happy to confirm that it looks like the first full week of October is closing out in excellent fashion. I have a feeling that we’re just getting started. #Bitcoin has been in an uptrend all week. Though we’re still on the lookout for that final shakeout, it feels good to see BTC bullish. The Fear and Greed Index has also touched a level of 74 (last week it was 27).

I’m expecting to see some roller coaster action next week. Regardless of what happens, it would be advisable to NOT make any emotional decisions. It is being reported that hodlers are refusing to sell their BTC. This means that a supply shock is inbound. So, if you allow yourself to get shaken out of the market due to fear, you’ll be selling right into the hands of whales.

There has been an ETF approved by the SEC that includes companies that hold BTC. It’s not exactly what we’re looking for, but let’s hope that this inches us closer towards a TRUE ETF. It seems like the regulators enjoy dangling the carrot in front of our faces. Anyways, we won’t harp on that issue too much….moving on…. Yearn Finance has decided to join the multi-chain gang. The first chain they have decided to integrate with is none other than #Fantom.

00:00 = Intro
00:34 = Bitcoin supply shock scenario
04:59 = A “quasi” Bitcoin ETF gets approved by the SEC
06:47 = Yearn Finance goes multi-chain
07:48 = Abracadabra & MIM are taking the cross-chain space by storm
10:03 = Outro

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