URGENT!!! These Are The Worst Mistakes That Will Cause 99% Of Investors To Lose Money!!!

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Happy Monday E.T Fam! I’m sure everyone has been enjoying all of the bullishness that has been occurring in the market. The crypto market cap has reached a new all time high, and things couldn’t be looking better. Though things are going extremely well, this is one of the most dangerous periods of your crypto journey. What you do from now until the end of the bull run will either make or break you.

When the market is pumping this hard, mistakes can be prevalent, if not inevitable. Everyone makes mistakes in this industry, even the most hard-nosed crypto veterans. Some are just unavoidable. However, some mistakes are deadly enough to end the bull run for you without the help of a bear market. Today, I’ll been teaching you all what some of these mistakes are (10 to be exact), and how to avoid them. I know I say this often, but this truly is one of my most important broadcasts.

If you want to have any chance at making it through this epic bull run without it ending it ruins, I suggest you tune in immediately.

00:00 – Intro
01:47 – FOMO season
02:21 – Rule #1
05:08 – Rule #2
07:16 – Rule #3
08:13 – Rule #4
09:40 – Rule #5
10:43 – Rule #6
12:06 – Rule #7
13:15 – Rule #8
16:00 – Rule #9

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR

Penny Stock Trading Is a Million Dollar Game – But How To Join The Winners Club?

Penny Stock Trading is a real “Get Rich Quick” scheme that only succeeds in making you rich if proper tactics are selected. Big Money is involved in this game. You can walk away with your pockets empty or become a millionaire. “I made 500% return on a stock that was a penny stock and profited $25,000.00 dollars. Unfortunately, I misplayed the transaction. Had I played correctly, I would’ve made between $30 to $50 million dollars.”

Range Trading Winning Strategies

Do you know that around 70% of trading time in forex market is in ranging mode? Trending market only takes 30% of trading time. Can you see any opportunity from this fact?

Setting Up Profitable Trading With Fibonacci Retracement

Fibonacci retracementis one of favorite tools applied by technicians when analyzing a market. Fibonacci or Leonardo Pisano Bigollo was an Italian mathematician in Middle Age. Fibonacci is famous for introducing the Hindu-Arabic numeral system in Europe, mainly by means of his book the Liber Abaci, Book of Calculation, in the early 13th century and for a sequence of number called Fibonacci numbers.

No More Money Worries in 2011

The Safest and Best Investment: Would you believe that there is a small safe investment that you can make that will return you between 10% and 200% per year? Well there is and I’m going to tell you about it in this article. Anyone can do it, and it does not require any special skills, education or lots of money. You can learn how to do it in just a few minutes, although practice is recommended. The beautiful thing is that you can practice for as long as you want until you are completely confident using the strategy. You don’t depend on a broker or some other person for your returns, and you don’t depend on the markets going up or down because none of that matters one little bit.

How Do You Day Trade Stocks With a Real Time Stock Scanner?

We have built a proprietary custom stock scanner to be used on the Madscan platform. We make it easy for the new trader or the more experienced professional trader to see the largest directional moves that occur each day. We define the trends. We isolate the stocks that are showing the best looking intraday trending with very specific built in rule based functionality to keep you focused.

Forex Market Income

Making income from the Forex Market. This can be either supplementary or full time.

Forex Trend Trading Understanding

When it comes to trend trading, this is what every traders should know. In order to get advantage of trend trading you basically need to basic understanding what is trend trading, how it make your life so easier and why most traders cant follow trend. Once you read this articles, I guarantee you can improve your trend trading performance.

Money Management: How Well Do You Know?

There is a lot of talk about money management among financial traders. Almost every book ever written on financial speculation goes into this aspect of financial trading, yet very few people seem to understand it when it comes to the actual practicalities of applying it in their trading. Money Management for most people is about using a certain percentage of their investment pot or risking x amount of dollars on a trade and placing a stop loss in the market to limit damage protection, while using a profit target which is normally 2 to 3 times the…

Things To Consider When Selecting Forex Trading Strategies

The most effective forex trading strategies are trading strategies that will provide you the possibilities to continually generate profits in the forex market although they do not demand you to invest a great number of times looking at your charts and a analyze the over and over again. You will discover numerous distinct forex trading strategies that may be applied to trade the forex market with, and numerous people get success with different trading strategies, so it is a challenging task to state that a certain forex trading strategy is the best one. In saying that though, you…

Equip Yourself For Profit With The Relative Strength Indicator

Most successful traders and technicians have their own favorite technical tools and many of them equip themselves with a powerful tool called Relative Strength Indicator. This is a single line versatile momentum oscillator which developed by J. Welles Wilder in 1978.

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