Want to Invest With Me?? (Pionex Rebalancing Bot)

Many of yall have asked me what coins I have in my portfolio before, but I never had a good way of sharing that in an effective and efficient manner until now. Pionex just released a rebalancing bot that works with premade indices. So I made my own Coinsider Index of my Top 10 altcoins, which I will keep updated over the months. If you want to check out which altcoins I own and get some of them then this bot and app is a great way to do so. Just FYI I will keep updating this index over time so be sure to check back and manually change your bot to follow the new index at the start of each month. 

Use my link here to get the Pionex App: https://www.pionex.com/en-US/sign/ref/6ZI24Njw

Disclosure: As mentioned in the video and marked on the overall video, this is a sponsored intro video. As always please do your own due diligence when it comes to any crypto product/project, and this is not financial advice. 

0:00 Why I don’t share my portfolio
1:04 A solution appears
2:03 What is Rebalancing strategy
2:38 Why is it great? (in some situations)
4:14 How to set up Pionex bot with Coinsider Index
5:20 3 Very Important Tips (Must Watch)

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