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Good Morning E.T Fam! We made it through another week. I don’t know about you all, but these weeks have been flying by. I hope you all are excited for today’s Krown broadcast. He’s bringing you all something very special. Instead of the usual coin/token analysis, and price prediction, Krown is switching it up.

He’s putting on his professor hat and teaching you all the Top 5 ways to know when to take profits when trading. You all know that it has always been our goal to teach you all to fish for yourselves. Krown is taking the same approach today. There aren’t many people giving away the type of free game that Krown is giving you all free of charge. This is years of mistakes and refinement being handed over to you all just out of pure love for the crypto industry and the community.

A few ways that you can show appreciation is by liking, commenting, and sharing this content. Also, remember that when you share, you’re helping others learn as well. Without further ado, get ready to take notes, because class is now in session!

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR

Basic Steps Before You Do Financial Spread Betting

There was never an easy way to make some profit out from trading the financial markets. Since trading is an ongoing work that every trader will do for the rest of their life, they should have all the proper and necessary things in their trading arsenal. Those things like the knowledge, proper tools to help you analyze the market, great broker that support you with their great services all along the way and extensive training and experiences in doing real live trades are all the component that you must have before you can considering of doing this kind…

The Risks Involved With Trading on the Stock Exchange

Trading in the stock market is similar to running a vehicle in a fast moving high traffic area. You need to have skills acquired before taking up the task, should have pre-tested all your tools and resources and be on the alert while you are trading. The major risks involved with trading on the stock exchange are explained below along with possible remedy in each situation.

How To Improve Your Day Trading Skills?

A day trader needs to have a few basic skills like proper money management and good discipline. These are by far the two most important aspects that make a difference in trading. Develop them require a good degree of work but the learning curve can be reduced if traders follow the right path.

Why Some Investors Get Into FX Options Trading

An investor, as you, is a well-educated risk taker. An investor always loves the adventures in business, especially in a fast-paced market as with foreign exchange (FX) market. The ups and downs of price movement are really engaging for investors. In their eyes, FX is similar to roller coaster, very amusing. Lucky for them, FX as the biggest financial market provides several instruments to trade; one of it is FX options trading.

Relative Strength Index – How You Can Profit From This Type Of Technical Analysis Indicator

Relative Strength Index is the name of the index introduced by J. Welles Wilder in June 1978 in an issue of “Futures” magazine (formerly known as “Commodities”). He then also introduced it in 1978 in his book “New Concepts in Technical Trading”. The Relative Strength Index is designed to measure the momentum of price action and it ranges between 0 and 100. As we will see in the formula, the index tracks the price to itself and therefore is a measure of velocity.

Forex Courses – The Truth About Them

A “Forex Course” is a knowledge based course with the sole aim of educating and informing a would be Forex trader or newbie of how the Forex market works with a purpose to fully educate a new trader to become proficient in making good trading decisions. Thing is most of our Forex courses have fallen short of these expectations and continue to push new traders along the path of confusion in some cases.

Options Trading Strategies – Buying Calls and Puts on ETF’s

In order to use options effectively, we need to understand the basics. If we expect the Exchange traded fund to strengthen, we can buy shares or, as an alternative, we can buy a call option that gives us the right to own those shares at a specific price, for a specific time. Conversely, if we expect the ETF to weaken, we can Sell short the shares, or we can buy a put option that gives us the right to sell the those shares at a specific price and for a specific time

Day Trade School: Tips On Day Trade

Being a day trader requires extreme attention to detail, analytical thinking, iron emotion, long dedicated hours and the ability to do what is right when everybody else says you are wrong. Being a successful day trader does not come easy, but it can be very gratifying and monetarily lucrative. Choosing a day trade school requires you to research carefully and come upon a conclusion that can teach you the nitty-gritty’s of becoming a successful day trader.

The Truth About Day Trading

This article highlights the the facts about day trading. It prepares the mind of the would be trader to be more discipline in his approach to trading. It recommends certain times of the day to trade in the market to ensure good returns.

Range Trading Will Be Easier When You Implement This Simple And Reliable Range Trading Strategy

Range trading is one of the few established forex trading strategies you need to master if you are looking to profit trading forex. In many occasions the market will just be range-bound and if you want to make an income out of forex you must know how to generate a profit in these conditions. The attractiveness of range trading is…

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