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Good Morning E.T Fam! I can’t believe that it’s already Thursday. These weeks have been flying by. It still feels like the week has just gotten started. Enough about that…we’re back to business this morning. You all know how we like to start our mornings off.

Krown is bringing us some fresh TA in the form of an important lesson. We all witnessed what took place yesterday after Bitcoin hit its all time high. It can be argued that the parabolic price movement was a bit of a bull trap. Once again this was another case of an over leveraged shakeout. I know you all are wondering what any of that has to do with today’s lesson.

Today, Krown is teaching us how to identify traps while trading. If you were one of the victims of yesterday’s trap, this broadcast should serve as your silver lining. Though you may have learned a valuable lesson, it was a lesson nonetheless. Krown is teaching you how to not make the same mistake….and to those who were left unscathed, you get to learn without burning yourself beforehand. Everyday Krown brings the heat. That alone deserves all of the likes, shares, and comments. Talk to you all soon!

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR

Day Trading

What Requirements are Needed for Day Trading? There are various ways that an investor or trader can invest.

3 Things You Must Master to Achieve Success in Forex Trading

Trading Forex can let you have an endless stream of profit which can far exceed your living expenses plus it also offers the freedom of mobility. And because of that, many investors are attracted to trade the most liquid market in the world.

Trading Psychology – The Truth About Trading Errors and Winning Trades

In trading, we often think that it is the ability to make the big winning trades that separate great traders from the rest of us. That is not really true. This article explains why using performance data from a tennis match.

Scalping Stocks For A Living

Scalping stocks can provide a means to make a living for individual traders, but is definitely not easy. Scalping involves making several, or many, trades throughout the day often only being in a position for a few brief seconds, and other times for a few minutes. This type of trading is not for everyone though.

Ready – FIRE – Aim

Have you ever been excited about a new experience? Maybe heading to the golf course for the first time or going to the go-kart track to show your stuff? Do you remember the butterflies and excitement building inside as you near this new experience? It’s common to have such exhilaration when a new experience arises.

Choosing the Best Futures Broker for Your Day Trading

This was an important decision at the time because I didn’t have a lot of money and I wanted to avoid giving it to the wrong person. High fees, bad fills, I had heard all the horror stories so I wanted to make sure I got this decision right.

The Importance of Discipline As a Day Trader

Learn why discipline is important for any day trader. Also learn how you can work on building discipline from exercises directly related to trading and exercises in you daily life.

Is It Possible to Turn $500 to 1 Million Dollars?

It sounds like one of those scam emails offering to turn $500 into a million dollars or more. You kind of expect it to be followed by some weird story about a deposed dictator tying to get cash out of a country you’ve never really heard of and couldn’t find on a map unless the index was really, really good. But your interest has been piqued and you have that nagging “what if” feeling at the back of your mind.

Why Exits Are Critical in Trading

In trading, you should know where the trade or system exit is BEFORE you place the trade. Why is this important? It is amazing how stress and anxiety, when you are in the moment, can cause you to make a terrible decision. Probably a decision, that had you been calm, you never would have made.

Multiple Time Frame Price Action – Provides Powerful Reversal Trade Set-Ups

You can make powerful reversal trades by using the Multiple Time Frame Price Action Indicator and the Time Segmented Volume Indicator. The interaction of 8 different price action lines on these TradeStation indicators will identify great reversal trade opportunities to give you high reward probability and low stop loss risk trade set-ups.

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