Web 3.0 explained: Why ALL money will move into digital finance | Interview with Alex Mashinsky

Cointelegraph talked to Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky at Web Summit 2021 about the growth of Web 3.0, the development of crypto lending, and the milestones for crypto in the upcoming years.

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Fiddling With Hedge Funds

These are highly nervous days for hedge funds. The days of investing profitably with these seem to be over. The old tactics of these funds do not seem to work any more. There might be a need for these funds to reinvent themselves.

Commodity Trading Involves High Risk With High Reward

Commodity trading is the buying and selling of contracts of items that we use everyday. It is the trading of primary or raw products. Some of the items traded in the commodities market include such common, everyday items as: soy beans, cotton, orange juice, cocoa, sugar, wheat, corn, barley, pork bellies, milk, feedstuffs, fruits, vegetables, other grains, other beans, hay, other livestock, meats, poultry, and eggs.

The Mt4 Expert Advisor Taking the FX World by Storm

Mt4 expert advisor? Yes, MT stands for metatrader in case you didn’t know, so mt4 is simply short for MetaTrader 4.

The Five (5) Minute Trading System

My main objective for filling this report is to expose to all our readers FX solution, key philosophies, principles and psychology required not just to survive, but win the Forex Trading Battle. In all my efforts to come up with better strategies for trading news events more profitably, I think this one has given me so much leverage over most strategies I have used in the past.

How to Use Money Management to Protect Your Profits

In the trading business you always have to deal with gains as well as losses. Among the most important factors that influence the success of a trade is money management. Learning how to use money management to protect your profits is easy to do and the importance of proper management should never be underestimated.

How to Become a Professional Day Trader

Day trading occurs when you buy and sell a stock within the same day.The reason you would buy and sell in the same day is to turn a profit with a short-term movement in the stock price.

Should You Invest in Futures Trading?

In futures trading you are speculating about whether the price of a commodity will rise or fall. For example, let’s say that you decided to speculate on hogs. If you thought that hog prices would be rising in the future you would purchase a hog futures contract.

How to Get Involved in Momentum Trading

The momentum trader jumps on and rides the momentum of the stock train until a profit is reached. The trader sells his stock and looks for the next momentum trading opportunity. It can be quite the roller coaster ride.

The Very Best Expert Advisors Ever

In Forex, you don’t want to be without an Expert Advisor, believe me. Now if you want to make more money you’d want one that actually works pretty decently, right? Right. How about the best one on the face of the planet? And what if I told you that you could get it for less than $150?

The Best Expert Advisor Reviews Ever

This article basically explains how to put your forex trading on near autopilot, and get more time to enjoy life. What’s the point of making a bunch of money if you don’t have time to spend it?

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