Who will clean up America’s abandoned oil wells?

America’s oil rush has left a toxic legacy: abandoned wells leaching pollutants into the atmosphere, ground and water. Millions lie scattered across the country, including so-called “orphans”, whose original owners have either disappeared or gone bust.

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How To Trade Better – 4 Step Model

No matter what instruments you are trading, it could be stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies or derivatives; everyone wants to better themselves when it comes to trading. So how can you trade better and improve your trading skills? The key is to develop your own system or model that fits your trading style. Below shows a model that helps you to trade better and have a deeper relationship with the market.

The Trading Psychology – 3 Thoughts

No matter what instruments you are trading, it could be stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies/forex or derivatives/futures; everyone wants to better themselves when it comes to trading. Trading is a game of psychology, it is important to know how others are thinking about the market. How can we use psychology to gain an advantage during trading?

Vitality of Binary Options Calculator and Charts for Successful Speculation

In binary options trading, there are some tools that are helpful in analyzing the future price of the asset. The tools include binary options calculator and charts. Calculator is based on unique software and charts include graphs, pie chart, line graph and candle stick chart.

Attracting What You Want

Most people you meet will tell you that success is really hard work. While this is true, there are many things we can do to help us make it easier. In fact, there are a lot of things we can do internally to ourselves that will bring success closer to us.

The Wealthy Attitude

  What is The Wealthy Attitude? The Wealthy Attitude is about living life in gratitude and abundance. It’s about living life by your own design and establishing the habits that relate to these factors.

A Primer on Day Trading Options

This article introduces the advantages of day trading using options as opposed to using its underlying stock. It also discuss the main principles of choosing the right option for day trading.

Types of Binary Options Brokers

There are three principal types of binary options brokers: European, Range, and Touch / No-Touch. Here we compare the types of offers and how they relate to American or U.S. options trading.

Why More People Are Trading Binary Options

There is a simple type of option called a binary option. Binary options are named as such because there are only two possible outcomes: a win or a loss. With binary options, all possible outcomes are known beforehand.

Important Points To Consider Before Engaging In Online Trading Activities

Engaging in online trading is not really a very difficult activity. It’s not as complicated as a lot of people make it out to be. It’s just that a good number of them are often either misinformed or uninformed.

How to Elevate the Margin of Profit in Binary Options Trading

In recent days, binary trading has become the largest trading platform due to high payouts and returns. The level of profit can be enhanced by setting up the goals and understanding the market condition in detail.

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