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Good Morning Crypto

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist

Trading In Stocks – How To Succeed Where Experts Fail?

Trading a stock is an art. It requires patience and knowledge. Many people seem to think that they are smart enough to spot the winning trades. The truth is that this smartness disappears as soon as they try to trade. It is a known fact that 95% of the traders lose money on a consistent basis. This does not mean they are ignorant. It is just that the stock market is a very tricky place; it is not easy to survive in the market where there is a rampant manipulation.

How to Earn Profit in the Share Market

There are millions of people trying to trade stocks. It becomes very painful for a person to lose his precious capital. The loss of capital is the result of ignorance of a person. It is possible that his timing was poor. A person must keep in mind that the stock market is not an easy place to earn money. It is possible to make a career trading stock, but it requires patience. A person also requires the right tools to profit from the fiercely competitive market.

E-Mini Trading: More on Transitioning From Part Time to Full Time E-Mini Trading

I wrote an article last week on when the time is right to transition from part-time to full-time e-mini trading. It was a brief article, and as I thought about the topic further I decided that I had more to say about the transitioning process.

Top Dog Trading Courses: Designed To Cover The Gambit of Trading Arenas

Can one course really allow you insight into more than just one trading arena? You might be surprised at what you can learn about trading in general by following a technical analysis of what the market is doing. Yet perhaps more important than this, there is one aspect which separates winners from losers. Find out what this is…

3 Important Things New E-Mini Traders Can Do to Succeed

The failure rate of new e-mini traders is disturbing. According to various sources, 90% of all new traders are out of the market within 3 months, their trading account balances exhausted.

E-Mini Trading: The Shaky Economy, Can I Still Trade the E-Mini’s in This Volatility?

Though the volatility has caused some problems of late, most days have been pretty good days to trade, if you have been willing to expand your stops to just about as wide as your risk tolerance can stand. As a small e-mini trader (which I define as a trader trading less than 50 contracts), price volatility takes away one of my most precious trading variables. Time.

How Much Can I Really Earn My First Year of E-Mini Trading?

A casual and non-scientific surfing of several well-known (and some that are not quite so well known) e-mini trading education sites revealed a wide range of guarantees and earnings projections. I was perplexed with many of the claims these sites offered.

E-Mini Trading: How Do You Get Started the Right Way?

There is certainly no lack of verbiage in the day trading forums about unhappy and unprofitable experiences with a variety of trading educators. I think, by and large, that this sort of frank discussion is good for our business.

Spread Betting: Stop Learning and Start Earning!

Most spread betting providers help you into the experience by providing you with a ‘demo’ account. This is a live account, where you can bet on the actual markets using pretend money. It not only allows you to get used to the idea of spread betting, but also gives you a chance to operate the trading platform and see how that suits you. But most experts would agree that a demo account is very different from using a live account with your money at risk.

Spread Betting or Use a Tracker Fund?

One of the arguments in favour of a tracker fund is that the operating expenses are low, and if you look at the figures many actively managed funds struggle to beat the overall market numbers, particularly after deducting the expenses for expert management. Spread betting also allows you to trade on the value of indices, in addition to all the other financial securities offered, such as currencies, stocks, etc.

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