Why this U.K. Member of Parliament supports Bitcoin

Cointelegraph journalist Joseph Hall sat down with U.K. Member of Parliament Lisa Cameron at Bitcoin Collective to talk about how she is raising crypto awareness in parliament.

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5 Simple Ways Any Woman Can Look Incredibly Younger In Photos

If you have ever shied away from taking photos because you don’t think you are photogenic this article is for you. Here are 5 really simple tips to make your next photos your best.

Can Chickens Eat Celery – What Do You Think?

elery… We like it enough even though it is not high in the taste factor. But… When it comes to your backyard chickens. Should we just throw the scraps on the compost heap or should we think twice and divert our way to the chickens. So… Can chickens eat celery? Lets find out.

Can Chickens Eat Bread – What Do You Think?

We all love bread, in fact, it is a staple diet for many a culture, including mine. Through the years there is a lot more different bread that has come on the market. So what about your backyard chickens? Can chickens eat bread too? Let’s find out, shall we

Outreach Guilt

There are many Christians that are carrying about self-imposed guilt. They feel guilty that they have never led anyone to a salvation experience.

Don’t Lose to Realise

You always have to lose something before you realise what you actually had. I’m privileged to hardly ever fall ill, but about once in about every three to four years the flu strikes me down.

A New Agreement With Enormous Benefits

Two parties enter into a contract to ensure that one party does not disadvantage the other. As time goes by, it could happen that the contract has to be amended, maybe because one party is not meeting its obligations, and the other party is forced to amend or even suspend the contract.

Last Professional Priest

Some people are all thumbs. They can’t fix anything that’s broken in the house.

Jesus Brings Change

Change is part of life. Just look back at your childhood.

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