Why transactions on Ethereum will become slower and more expensive | Interview with Michael Kong

What is the real reason behind increasing Ethereum gas prices? This week on The Market Report, Michael Kong, CEO of the Fantom Foundation, discusses how Fantom transactions outpace Bitcoin and Ethereum, the fUSD stablecoin, Fantom’s advantage over Bitcoin and Ethereum, and argues that the two may not be as decentralized as we might think.

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0:00 Intro
0:29 Transactions on Fantom can take as little as 1 second to complete. How did you achieve this?
3:34 Are there any compromises you had to make to achieve this speed?
5:37 How does the fUSD synthetic stablecoin work?
7:55 How does Fantom intend to overcome the limitations of previous-generation platforms?
11:37 Do you foresee Fantom overtaking Ethereum in the smart contract space?
13:42 What is your take on regulations?
17:12 Anything you would like to say to our audience?

The content of this show does not constitute financial advice.

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