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E-Mini Trading: Is Support and Resistance Really That Important?

Given a choice of just one e-mini trading indicator/chart pattern I would select, hands down, support and resistance. In my little world of trading, support and resistance (SAR) reign supreme.

Options Trading Strategies: Simple Lessons on Successful Option Trading

As more and more people are getting interested in investments and the likes, more and more options trading strategies are becoming readily available to beginners and even to expert traders. Though these suggested techniques that could be accessed over the web have no guarantees, interested individuals are still giving it a try as some can really be very useful and helpful. So, in here are some practical tips and useful strategies on options trading.

How To Find A Day Trading Coach

Most day traders frequently jump between trading systems searching for the “holy grail” of technical indicators or the latest day trading program they find on the internet. We are the only ones that can evolve ourselves into profitable day traders. Working with a compatible and successful day trading coach can be an effective way enhance our efforts to day trading success.

Trading At A Prop Firm Vs A Retail Account: Which Is Better?

This article examines explains the differences between trading at a proprietary trading firm as compared to trading a standard retail brokerage account. It lists the pros and cons of each approach and things every trader must consider when making this decision.

How To Find The Best Stocks For Day Trading

This article will teach you how to find the best stocks to day trade. It includes the guidelines and rules I follow to determine whether a stock is suitable for day trading and how to find those stocks.

The 7 Best Trading Books Of All Time

This article lists the seven best trading books of all time. Reading these books will give you a great overview of trading as well as some practical trading tips.

E-Mini Trading: Trendline Breakouts, Breakdowns, and Volume

Trend breakouts and breakout volume share two important factors (among a list of other important variables) in shaping the likelihood of a successful trend breakout or breakdown. For obvious reasons, volume in a specific direction is a key ingredient in a successful trade.

Bring in Extra Earnings by Investing in Binary Options Trading

The net is proving to be among the best platforms to conduct business in the digital age. Old and new ventures are shifting their attention to making opportunities on the net. One of the latest trends is binary options trading.

How To Use The NYSE TICK Indicator In Your Day Trading

The NYSE TICK is a commonly used day trading indicator. In this article, you’ll learn what exactly the TICK is and the two surprising ways I use the TICK as a valuable indicator in my own day trading.

Why Stocks Are The Best Day Trading Market

There are a variety of different markets available to day trade, with stocks, futures and forex being the most popular. Each of these markets has its own advantages and disadvantages for a day trader. In this article, you’ll learn why I consider U.S. stocks the best market to specialize in for a day trader.

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