XRP Profit Taking Guide (BEST Way to Manage Ripple Price Explosion)

A lot of people asked so here is the best profit taking strategy for XRP after the case

5 Things You Must Keep in Mind Before Visiting Morocco

Every year, an increasing number of tourists visit Morocco. The primary reason is that Morocco is on the list of most beautiful countries in the world. But if you are a woman, we suggest that you consider some essential tips before planning your trip to morocco.

What Would Life Be Without Mistakes?

Let me be clear from the beginning. I have made a lot of mistakes during my life. I have made mistakes that I don’t even know about to this day. Even the ones I do know about, I cannot remember very clearly. Mistakes are a part of life. Unfortunately, some people believe they live their whole life without making any mistakes. That’s mistake number one. I am where I am today because of the mistakes in my life. I have learned a lot from my mistakes, except I have not learned not to make any more mistakes. If somebody has not made mistakes in life, I would have to give that award to the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. Perhaps the closest she has ever come to making a mistake was in marrying me, but that certainly was not my mistake at all. Marrying her was the best choice I have ever made in life. I suppose she does make mistakes, but she knows how to fix them before anybody notices them. I wish I knew how she does that.

Rising Home Prices: New – Normal, Or Trend?: 6 Factors To Consider!

Historically, the real estate market, was, somewhat, cyclical, where, Sellers, Buyers, and Neutral Markets, from time – to – time, seemed to hold, the upper – hand! However, we have witnessed, for approximately, the last year (or so), at, or near, record – levels/ rates of increasing prices! Some wonder, whether this will continue, and, if, so, for how long, while others, seem to believe, this will be the new – normal!

Will You SERVE As A Leader Should?

Perhaps, the single – greatest, initial obstacle, to effective, quality leadership, is, few know and understand, what a leader should do, prioritize, and accomplish! After, over four decades, of personal involvement, in nearly, every aspect of effectively, leading, from identifying, qualifying, training, and developing thousands of actual, and/ or, potential leaders, to, personally, serving as a leader, on several occasions, I have come to strongly believe, anyone considering, pursuing these efforts, etc, must be ready, willing, and able, to represent, and SERVE the best interests, of those, who elected them to represent them, etc! With, that in mind, this article will attempt…

Mother-Enmeshed Men: Is A Woman Wasting Her Time With A Mother-Enmeshed Man?

Although a woman may want to be with a man who is available, she may find that she has ended up with one who is anything but available. This will be a man who is super focused on his mother and does what he can to meet her needs.

Why Is The Political Rhetoric So FIERCE?

After, over four decades of involvement, working on several political campaigns, etc, as well as, reviewing, previous ones, the tone, vitriol, polarization, and divisiveness, today, seems to be, at, or near, the worst, in recent memory! One would think, after the past, 18 months, of misery (and worse), caused, as a result of this horrific pandemic, most individuals, would desire, a saner, nicer, level of conversation, instead of the polarizing, partisan one, we witness! Although, there is little – doubt, of the severity of these discussions, why have they become so FIERCE, and adversarial, when we face so many obstacles, today, and…

Know Your 5 Choices To Address Your Personal Health!

If, you want, to maximize your potential, to be, as happy, and personally, healthy, and self – satisfied, as possible, and do, everything, within your abilities, in your best interests, it is important, to begin the process, fully, understanding and appreciating, at least, these 5 options/ choices, to address these important needs! There is no such thing, as one – size – fits – all, in determining, which path, or combination, may be best, for you, takes a willingness, to proceed, in an introspective, objective manner, and give yourself, a check – up, from the neck – up! With, that…

How Leaders Close The Deal?: 5 Steps!

After, well – over, four decades, of personal involvement, in, nearly, everything, related, to effectively leading, from identifying and qualifying, to training, developing and consulting to thousands of actual, and/ or, potential leaders, to serving, as a leader, personally, on several occasions, I feel strongly, becoming a meaningful, relevant, effective leader, takes a combination of personal, inner qualities, as well as a well – developed, aptitude, and skill – set! Perhaps, one of the essential abilities, which must be learned, and developed, effectively, is the consistent ability, to, turn lemons, into lemonade, by controlling discussions, in a way, which moves -…

What Do You Wish To BECOME?

Although, it seems, often, as some get older, instead of becoming wiser, and more, self – satisfied, far – too many, rue their past, and question, why they feel, they never became, what they have the potential, to BECOME! In fact, most individuals, never, really, take the time, nor, make a concerted effort, to give themselves, a comprehensive, objective, introspective, check – up, from the neck – up, in order to consider, and ponder, what they want, their personal priorities, wishes/ desires, and how to move – forward, in the pursuit of becoming the type of individual, they believe, they want…

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