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A few months ago, the US Securities and Exchange Commission sued Ripple. The lawsuit is still ongoing. Given this lawsuit, Ripple has experienced some chaos in the crypto market. Because of Ripple’s native token.

But it is not clear when this SEC lawsuit will end, so some experts have revealed a tentative date. December 22, 2020, is XRP’s Black Friday because the Security and Trading Commission filed a lawsuit against the exchange.

Then XRP and its two executives were charged for selling unregistered securities to Ripple and receiving $1.3 billion from the sale. They were accused of violating Article 5 of the Securities Act of 1933, and Ripple replied on January 29 that XRP is not a security.

Therefore, it cannot violate securities laws because Ripple’s decentralization adds that it is at the same level as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other encrypted tokens.

This is why Ripple argues why these encrypted tokens are not considered securities by the SEC. So, what is the reason why the US Securities and Exchange Commission treats them differently?

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is very surprised by the strong reaction of Ripple Labs. They always think that they will be the winner by showing their few pieces of evidence until it does. It became a reality too late.

Then the lawsuit continued, but there was still no evidence or strong reason to support their case. Although the results have not yet been officially announced, XRP fans are eagerly awaiting the end of the lawsuit that has not yet occurred.

Jeremy Hogan said a few weeks ago that in addition to becoming a cryptocurrency expert, the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple may continue until early next year.

He is also a partner of Hogan and Hogan, and always has valuable insights into the end of SEC litigation. In addition, on his social media account, he shared all the details of the lawsuit and stated that the settlement between the SEC and Ripple will almost certainly take place after the discovery phase.

Therefore, the discovery phase is a pre-trial phase during which both the SEC and Ripple laboratories will be allowed to display relevant information and evidence before the trial begins. In addition, he believes that XRP and SEC may even be resolved before the discovery stage.

Therefore, reconciliation can be expected. Although this is a challenging task, the discovery phase disclosure may occur before the end of September, and may even last until mid-October. At this discovery stage, you can expect that it will take 30 days to make a summary judgment before November 16.

So this summary judgment will not be rushed up because it wants to delay the case as long as possible.

Therefore, the settlement of the SEC will be stronger, and Ripple will still have to walk on the rocky road. But the SEC will be in the shadows because Ripple does not have to deal with ongoing litigation. Therefore, how to be affected by the SEC’s use of tokens to play some strategy games.

This is the other party’s usual tactic to delay the case as much as possible without relevant evidence. But Hogan said that even if the two parties settled, they would discuss summary judgments, resulting in the case being postponed to early 2022.

A recent tweet stated that the SEC wanted to extend the discovery phase by two months. So they can collect relevant evidence against Ripple, but until today, they have not been able to collect such evidence and can only delay the case.

In this case, it is clear that the SEC does not want to proceed in a hurry, so they plan to delay it for a long time.

XRP fans have been waiting for the final resolution of this lawsuit, but the case is testing the patience of all investors, and in a tweet, the SEC was attributed to approving the discovery of Ripple XRP for a 60-day extension.

Since the SEC continuously monitors the illegal actions of the judges, they are worried that they will be strongly opposed by the court, so they pay close attention to the unrelated actions of the SEC before wearing it. Therefore, the SEC Commissioner responded that although the opinion of the court judge may be incorrect.

I believe they can see this reaction and draw the same conclusion. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, one of the five committee members, stated that they are not opposed to cryptocurrencies, but hope to explain more clearly how crypto tokens work.

Others say that the SEC aims to improve securities by regulating cryptocurrencies, and they also aim to establish safer regulations for crypto transactions.

Moreover, they can provide investors with the security and safety they need in a positive way we can think of this by saying that it indicates that the SEC is so enthusiastic about cryptocurrency and its future.

That it is seeking to regulate the tokens and the regulation so there may be a hidden secret behind the regulation of XRP. This token is known to have the potential of leading the crypto market soon since any digital asset is not secure.

Ripple asserts that XRP cannot be treated as one Ripple based on thorough research and analysis based on prior reports claiming that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP all have the same characteristics.

Although there is just one small difference and that is they are decentralized and Ripple aims to convert centralization and decentralization. Meanwhile even in the midst of the ongoing lawsuit with SEC Ripple is continuing to grow at exponential rates as they now know how SEC draws the case with just a motive to inflict pain and fear on Ripple.

According to Hogan, the discovery period might conclude by October 16th and then the court would report its findings on the case summary on November 16th. We know however that the SEC has already extended the discovery phase by two months and that the date for the discovery edge is even extended.

Thus the case summary could be delayed and thus the result of the case settlement between the SEC and rebel might be delayed. SEC will likely try its best to trail the lawsuit to a conclusion so this is unlikely to happen.

However, let’s hope that XRP’s outcome will be as successful as it can be for XRP’s community.


About XRP:
• XRP is the native cryptocurrency for products developed by Ripple Labs. XRP is a popular cryptocurrency that has been around a lot longer than people may think. Its products are used for payment settlement, asset exchange, and remittance systems that work more like SWIFT, a service for international money and security transfers used by a network of banks and financial intermediaries.

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